Whatever Tomorrow Shall Bring

By Melanie Miller

I think about you from time to time,
and feel sublime.
You are not here for me, and I feel empty inside.
I want to run away and hide, from my inner most feelings.

You are my angel in disguise and I will forever love you,

think of you and long for you...and what shall tomorrow bring for me,

agony or happiness?
I felt such sweet bliss when you gave me a single kiss on the lips.

You made me feel giddy all over and you gave me a four leaf clover.

I never felt so wonderful in all my life, and I was a good and loving wife to you,

tis' true.
You always knew the right words to say to me, and you held me so gently in your loving arms.

I never could resist your wonderful charms.
You possessed my soul and I let you take control of me and you would always smile at me so sweetly.

You never did scold me as you would only hold me and whipser my name sofly into my ear.

You noticed all the little things about me, and you laughed at my jokes.

You never invoked harm on me, you always was my protecter, and you took me aside and talked to me and

kissed my feet and hands.
You seemed as if you understood all my needs.
You never did greed for power of money and don't think it's funny, but I would love you to have power over me.

You're my angel in disguise tis true and you wipe away all the sadness and blue, I used to feel in my heart,

and you would always talk to me, in the stillness of the shadowy night and together we would take a magical flight,

and unite as one.
You are my sweet honey and I am all yours for the taking.

I await for tomorrow without any bitter sorrow or hate in my heart, for you to return back to me...

and I wonder in the essence of my soul, what tomororw shall bring for me and you.

the end.