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A group, Partnership for a New Nigeria (PFANN), has called on Nigerians to vote and defend their votes in the 2011 elections. The group, which is an offshoot of the Elishama Ideh Foundation, founded by the renowned lady evangelist, Elishama Ideh, made this call during the unveiling of its pro-independence campaign entitled: 'Light the torch, raise the flag for a new Nigeria at 50' held at the De-Renaissance Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos recently. With a number of patriotic and motivating speeches, some of which were also given by collaborating bodies such as Action Group of Nigeria, CLAM, Building Our National Image -flag Project, (BONI-flag Project), songs, flags of Nigeria in differing sizes, the group enlivened the spirits of participants with a central message that 'a new dawn of greatness comes the way of the nation'. The message was anchored on raising the flag of Nigeria. Ideh's speech, motivating, insightful and patriotic, actually set the pace and the mood for a handful of more motivating speeches that soon followed. While acknowledging the unrivalled contributions of the designer of Nigerian flag, Pa Taiwo Akinkumi, who was also present, she gave the primary aim of the campaign as engaging and inspiring all Nigerians, home and abroad, to participate actively in the forthcoming October 1 jubilee celebration of the country. Her words: 'The objective of this campaign is to primarily engage and. inspire participation of all Nigerians, both home and abroad to be part of this one in life time jubilee celebration.' On the other hand, Light the torch, raise your flag, seeks to ignite the flame of patriotism and celebration in all Nigerians- both home and abroad. With a vivid quotation credited to Major- General Arthur MacArthur, she drove home the significance of a nation's flag, albeit the Nigerian flag and shed more light on the rationale for developing such patriotic disposition of raising the flag and lighting the torch, which are symbolic calls for celebrating the nation's independence at 50. Ideh added that: 'Lighting the torch is another way of saying a new day has come for Nigeria and raising of the flag by all to sing the anthem is an agreement by the people as torches are lit to spark or activate or light up a celebration. . The campaign is being putĀ· together by the Building Our National Image- Flag project (BONI FLAG PROJECT) and Partnership for a New Nigeria (PFANN). It is an offshoot of Elishama Ideh Foundation. It is an initiative set up to create a platform for different nation building groups.' Apparently to amplify Ideh's vision, a track composed by some members of the group was played and performed by three young, vivacious and beautiful ladies. They sang in the three dominant Nigerian languages, Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo. Thrilling and motivating the audience to develop a never-say-die attitude to the project Nigeria, they displayed such a tremendous energy and creativity that everyone promptly applauded them in appreciation. Added to their message is that Nigerians should vote right. While a young graduate, Akinola Solanke, of the BONI-Flag Project, gave an insightful speech on the importance of respecting the Nigerian flag, Pa Akinkunmi, who practically stole everyone's attention, prayed for a greater Nigeria amidst the jubilee celebration. Then followed a plethora of goodwill messages from collaborating groups. Moses Ilo, a renowned cleric and elder statesman, said that he was humbled by witnessing young Nigerians still have unfailing hope in the Nigeria project. He said: 'that young Nigerians like those of you I ma seeing here are still interested in building a new Nigeria makes me grow emotional. My verdict therefore is that all Nigerian unemployed graduates should march e-mass to the parade ground on October 1 and give our leaders a guard of dishonor (Instead of guard of honor) with the hope that what we have done here today would be something to change the nation. Let them go and constitute nuisance to these leaders on that day so that they (government) will realize the damage they have done to this country.'