Bomb Blast: Gbomo Jomo arrested …As anxiety hits Henry Okah


Henry Okah
Charles Tombra Okah, immediate younger brother of Henry Okah, known in the terrorist circle as Gbomo Jomo has been arrested by armed men of Nigeria's State Security Service,SSS, in a hideout at his house located at 14, Oranmiyan close, Apapa, Lagos.

While Henry Okah accuses Charles of impersonating him and extorting money from people, Okah's wife claimed that Charles is a businessman who has nothing to do with MEND.

"Charles Okah is not involved in the activities of MEND or in the bomb blasts that took place in Abuja," she said. "He is also not Jomo Gbomo of MEND. He is a businessman."

But while in a South African Court, Okah told prosecutors that “"My brother Charles has faked my voice and has been collecting money and negotiating a ceasefire claiming to be me," it was alleged to have said.”What treachery is this?"

His arrests and transfer to the underground cell of SSS is not unconnected with the confessions of some ex-militants in SSS custody who confirmed Okah as the spokesman of MEND.

Also, evidence found in his laptop, desktop, phone and diary confirmed that Charles have been having regular discussion and communication exchange with Henry in South Africa. Security sources confirmed that Charles has been singing like 'bird' and ready to name all his accomplice in the terrorist ring. It would be recalled that by the time his house was surrounded by security operatives, close to the Directorate of Military Intelligence, DMI, he tried to jump the fence, but was overpowered and handcuffed.

Meanwhile, the moment Henry got wind of his brother's arrest at his lonely cell in Johannesburg,South Africa, he had become tensed, withdrawn and violent fearing that Charles may confess to the terrorist activity of MEND that may eventually lead him to jail. As at press time,Marilyn Ogar, spokesperson of SSS has not refute Jomo's arrest.


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