FG pledges commitment to reform police

Source: huhuonline.com

President Goodluck Jonathan commissioned an armored 15 seater helicopter, at the Eagle Square, Abuja, with a commitment to continue to reform the Nigerian Police Force to meet the challenges of modern day policing.

'How well the force is able to meet with its constitutional obligation is to a large extent the function of how well it is supported with equipment and vital logistic support .  This is why a transformation and repositioning of the NPF to attain the highest level of professional excellence has been major cardinal point of this administration'.

The president hinted that 'the recent changes in the force, which he said is part of the transformational programme of the force 'is also to ensure that we meet our new challenges'.

Jonathan said 'we are presently confronted with new species of crime of kidnapping and car bombs. Surely this require new and sophisticated technique to combat it. The procurement of the helicopter and the scene of crime vehicles which we are commissioning today is part of the holistic programmes aimed at enhancing capacity efficiency and functional effectiveness in the NPF'.

'This is the beginning and they will get more. The huge financial implication of effective policing across the length and breadth of this county is such that the Federal Government alone cannot bear the burden.  The Police Reform Programme was estimated to cost about N1.5 trillion spread over six years period'.

'it is in recognition of this fact that the Federal Government accepted a proposal for funding the programme by the three tiers of government, federal, state and the local government including the private sectors and our development partners,' he said.

The president disclosed that the Federal Government appropriated a budgetary provision of N71 trillion in the present fiscal year commending state governments that have consistently provided valuable support to the NPF.

'It is my hope that others will emulate their patriotic examples I am confident that the organized private sector will take up the challenge of effectively partnering with the Federal Government in its determination in ensuring enduring peace stability and security throughout Nigeria '.

The president applauded  'the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) because they are ready to provide four of these armoured helicopters. At this time more than ever the leadership and all the officers and men of the NPF have an obligation to demonstrate the highest possible level of dedication, integrity, diligence and unwavering commitment to professional excellence in the discharge of their duties. This is the only way that they can express their faith in the reform programme".

On the independence anniversary bomb blasts that killed 12 people and injured scores of others, Jonathan declared 'it is a duty we owe to our nation and our dear brothers and sisters who lost their lives on that faithful day. It is a duty which we will prosecute to a logical conclusion".

'I have never play politics with it and I will never play politics with it and I urge Nigerians not to play politics with it. It is a serious crime against our nation and must be accorded the seriousness it deserves," he said.