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You all know beautiful actress, Dakore Egbuson, has been in a sizzling romance with the only son of Nigerian Billionaire, Harry Akande? Well, the news going round now is that the parents do not approve of the relationship because of Dakore's chosen career. But the actress has described as untrue the tale that the parents of her fiance Olumide Akande, are not in support of the union. And are doing everything possible to continue to disunite them. Including threatening to disown their only son.

Hear Dakore
"I can confidently tell you there's no such thing. I am in love with him, and we are dating but right now there's no marriage plan btw us. We are just lovers."

Hear Olu Akande
"I want to tell you categorically that the story that my parents are against my girlfriend Dakore is not true. If the story did not come from my mum and dad, you should know it's not true. Their relationship is very cordial, solid. In fact, my parents love her. You see, Dakore is a private person. Even my dad. He will not like seeing his name on the pages of newspapers. Even me too, I don't like seeing my name on the pages of newspapers"

First off, Harry Akande is a politician.
Olu Akande is dating a popular actress
And you don't want your names on the pages of newspapers? Sorry mate...you'll always be in the news.

Second off...if this story is true...should Dakore quit her acting career to marry the man she loves? Is it worth it at the end of the day?