Henry Okah`s Brother, Charles & 4 Other Foot Soldiers Detained

Source: huhuonline.com

  Huhuonline.co http://Huhuonline.com/ m  understands that Nigerian security operatives have arrested Charles Okah, younger brother of Henry Okah, chief suspect in the Abuja bombing. Our checks reveal that Charles Okah was arrested alongside his children at his Apapa residence in

Lagos State. Though no official statement has been released, huhuonline.com checks reveal that Charles Okah was arrested over his role pre and post Abuja bomb blast, particularly, how funds were moved for the operation, the purported Al-Jazeera interview and the incessant text messages emanating from a faceless Jomo Gbomo.   

Henry Okah, a renowned member of the militant group MEND, has continued to deny any involvement in the Abuja attacks. According to his lawyers, 'Mr. Henry Okah is not a member of the militant group that claimed responsibility - the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, or MEND.

But, entries from a diary found in his home, reveals the activities of a man familiar with terrorism, as he discusses, guerrilla fighters, training discipline, the use of explosives, boats and night vision.

In an entry dated Sept. 19, 2010, eleven days before the Abuja bombing, Henry Okah wrote:

"God is with us. We will fight to the end,"
  Also found in Okah`s South African home, was September 3, 2010 invoice from a Chinese company not registered to deal in arms in South Africa detailing the price of rocket launchers, rocket-propelled grenades, hand grenades, guns and heavy artillery.

Thursday, South African investigators at a Johannesburg court labeled Henry Okah the 'mastermind' of the Abuja bomb blast, but fell short of revealing the evidence implicating Okah, in order to protect to their confidential sources.  

However, huhuonline.com checks reveals that besides, Charles Okah, Nigerian security agents have arrested four other men, who are considered Henry Okah`s foot soldiers, who were very instrumental in the October 1 st bomb blast.  

Security sources who preferred anonymity, said they have in their custody, the man who purchased the cars in which the bomb were planted, and the man who planted and detonated the bombs, using his cellular phone.

Asked about the name of the four foot soldiers, the source declined, citing security reasons. But, said, 'they were providing valuable information on their reprehensible act'.