By NBF News

Foremost Pentecostal church in Nigeria, The Christ Apostolic Church (Worldwide) has acquired 135 acre-property in Liberty Town, Portsmouth, Maryland, United States of America.

This feat was achieved during a recent missionary journey of the President of the Church, Pastor Elijah. Olusheye, and other principal officers of the church, Pastor P. O. Bandele, the General Superintendent, and Prophet S.K. Abiara to the USA.

The property, which included a three-star hotel and guest house, worship centre capable of seating 500 at a time and training school was originally owned by a protestant orthodox church of Maryland. It was sold to the Nigerian Pentecostal Church because the church did not need it anymore.

In recent times, churches in America and Europe have been experiencing dwindling fortunes, as they are losing members due to the wave of Libertarian philosophy as the younger generation sees no need for God and church buildings designed to host hundreds of worshippers are attended by a dozen of old people.

The Christ Apostolic Church in America, however, has been witnessing increase in its fold and was in need of a large space for its camp meetings and other activities.

According to the President of the Church, Pastor Olusheye, the Co-ordinating Chairman of CAC in North America, Pastor Owoeye, had expressed the American church's need for such property during his address at this year's Pastors' Conference in America. In response, Pastor Olusheye ordered a session of special prayers for God to provide the property and the means to acquire it.

In obvious answer to the prayer, on the third day, the Church in Maryland announced the proposed sale of the property in Liberty Town, Portsmouth. Thereafter, Pastor Olusheye ordered that the CAC in America should inspect and bid for the property. Of the five Nigerian Churches among those that bidded for the purchase of the property, the CAC bid was successful and subsequently paid the requisite acceptance fee.

Pastor Olusheye believes that the Church would be able to pay for the property in the next few months.

'I believe God will provide the means to pay for the balance of the land and the property,' he said with unshaken faith. Speaking on the advantage of the property to the Church and Christendom generally, Pastor Olusheye said if there was need for officials of the Church to hold any conference in America, the church wouldn't be spending money on hotel accommodation again.

'We can also have branches of our schools -theological and university in America and we can be more effective in evangelising the Americans afresh,' he said.