By Bayo Alade
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A popular Yoruba movie actress is now cursing the day she met a man who swept her off her feet with his sweet tongue, claiming he was a close aide of former President Ibrahim Babangida.

Few weeks ago, the man, who likes to drop names and 'puff', was reported to have double-crossed the vehicle of a politician in Ibadan, apparently over the right of way. Though the politician was not in the vehicle at the time, the action of the fake colonel was enough to send jitters down the spine of anybody; what with the recent assassination of a politician in the city still fresh in the memory of our wary politicians.
The politician was said to have reported the matter to the police. It was easy to arrest the actress in question, because her vehicle was the one used in terrorising the politician. One of the daughters of the politicians recognised the jeep as belonging to the popular actress.

When the fake colonel could not be found, the actress was arrested instead and, for the past three weeks, she has been the guest of the police. Close sources told Roll Tape that the fake soldier was exploiting the emotional side of the woman, as she is a widow, having lost her husband several years ago. The man uses her car, though he claims to be connected in high places.

Roll Tape also learnt that both the actress and the fake soldier met around February this year, and have been inseparable since then. A source close to the police, however, told Roll Tape that during investigation, the Ibadan-based actress, whose children are in school abroad and was said to be dating a former Oyo State governor at a point in the past, was said to have disagreed, claiming that both of them only met two months ago.

To establish how long both of them had been together, the police asked the man how many times they had had sex, and the man said "uncountable times." The actress was said to have opened her mouth in unbelief, unable to come to terms with the private information her boyfriend was letting out. Uptill now, both of them are still in police custody because investigation carried out by the police continues to indict them. For example, the actress's vehicle often used by the fake soldier was said to have been used to commit crimes in different parts of the country.

Though the actress had been very successful in keeping her relationships discreet (except the one with the ex-governor), this surely is going to hurt her to the bones. Rumour mongers once said she often travelled out of the country to meet her ex-governor boyfriend, though she has often denied this.