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A human rights group, Centre for the Victims of Extra Judicial Killings and Torture (CVEKT) has dismissed reports alleging that a cabal in Nnewi is after the life of detained businessman, Chief Pius Ogbuawa.

South East Director of Operations of the group, Mr. Frank Agu Kalu Agu who fielded questions from newsmen shortly after a federal High Court in Awka dismissed a bail application by Ogbuawa assured that CVEKT will ensure that justice is done in the case. He noted that the decision of the court on bail was in good faith and urged interested parties not to drag the judiciary into its local politics. Kalu said that CVEKT's campaign since the kidnap case was reported to it by some Chinese who visited the office in Enugu has been that the rule of law be adhered to.

He dismissed reports alleging that people want the detained businessman dead adding, 'except they are saying that the Nigerian law wants Ogbuawa dead which is not feasible any way, it sounds odd'.

He stated,'What we have been campaigning is that people implicated in a crime with sufficient evidence should be prosecuted no matter how highly placed. And that is exactly what will give us a decent country and portray Nigeria as a country where the rule of law prevails.'

He said there was no truth in claims that Ogbuawa was also being denied medical attention 'because for anybody to be a suspect and maybe remanded by a court of law does not deny the person right to medical attention, so that is neither here nor there; it is not possible and I can assure you that CVEKT will on its own fight against such a situation. 'That Ogbuawa is in detention, and properly remanded by a court of competent jurisdiction does not deny him his right to medical attention and nobody can try that.

'As far as we are concerned, we are talking about the issue of kidnap at Innoson in 2007; we are talking about the murder of a Chinese national in the course of the kidnap; we are talking about the successful crack down on the kidnappers at their base in Ebonyi; we are talking about the first time the Nigerian Police was able to crack down a kidnap gang and arrested nearly 65 per cent of them; we are talking about a situation where such a success and breakthrough in the fight against criminality should not be allowed to be swept under the carpet because somebody is highly placed', he said.