Mr. President, Do Not Destroy the Nigerian Youth

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      We, the Nigerian Youths under the banner of United Youth Federation have unearthed a grand and sinister design by President Goodluck Jonathan to ratchet up his campaign of calumny against our leaders who have been outspoken against his desperate desire to

 cling to his office by all means. Once again, the president has perfected plans to further divide the North and its people by recruiting the services of amorphous groups of students, thugs and cult members who have been arranged to pay a courtesy visit to the President on Monday, 11th of October 2010 under the banner of National Youth Council of Nigeria. The Council, which has earned notoriety for these kinds of things, has since been hijacked by moneybags and has consistently offered its services to any government in power since 1999. 

The group has the mandate to, in the guise of paying a condolence visit to the

president on the Abuja bomb blasts, pour insults, and vitriolic anecdotes against Northern leaders. They have been paid with public funds and choreographed to describe these leaders as failed leaders who are desperate for power and who are not fighting in the national interest, just because they disagree with President Jonathan.

It is common knowledge that President Jonathan has tried to use religion and ethnicity in the past to divide the North by recruiting characters like Chief Solomon Lar, Professor Jerry Gana and their ilk to fight his cause but failed. He has also recently tried to absolve MEND, a terrorist group from his Niger Delta region, from culpability for the bombings that killed innocent passers-by in Abuja on October 1st and tried to rope in Northern leaders but that too has boomeranged. Now, the President is trying to use the youth against their leaders in order to create a Niger Delta-like situation in the North, whereby the youth will be pitched to take up arms against their elders all in his desperate attempt to divide and rule. 

We, representatives of Nigerian youth wish to, therefore, state that this level of desperation to hold on to power by the President does not serve the interest of a united Nigeria

This brand of politics of divide and rule, driven by sectional, anti-Northern agenda does not promote the best interest of Nigerian youth, does not promote democracy and will not deter citizens with legitimate aspirations from aspiring to lead this great country.   

We call on the President to desist from dividing the country in order to achieve his desperate ambition to stay in power at all costs. We urge all those involved in this sinister, anti-people and retrogressive plot not to agree to be used in return for money, stolen from the public till, and desist forthwith as it will be counter-productive to the efforts of well-meaning Nigerians, who are working to ensure a credible election in 2011.

Instead of dissipating his energy trying to divide the country, President Jonathan should abide by the constitution of his Party, respect the wish of Nigerians and deliver on his promise to conduct free and fair elections in which he is not a candidate. Mr. President please do not destroy our country on the altar of your ambition. Mr. President please do not destroy the Nigerian youths.

  Thank you and God bless.
  Paul Ibe  

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