GEJ Presidential Ambition! Hassan Tukur, An Enemy Within.

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In the words of Ambassador Jetta, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is a man of uncommon loyalty , impeccable integrity, and possesses an immense commitment to Nigeria. But it appears these great attributes might become an impediment, as his

closest associate from the north, Hassan Tukur, who appears to have gained his absolute confidence, may be covertly working against his ambition to become President. Our checks reveals that Hassan Tukur, who has been a   friend   to the President for a very long time and currently works as his principal secretary, may be a 'Frenemy' ( one who pretends to be a friend but is actually an enemy).

Mr. Tukur is a diplomat and technocrat par excellence. His friendship with President Jonathan dates back to pre-Aso Villa days. He was President Yar'Adua's special assistant on Petroleum Resources. Tukur is assumed to be the president's closest associate from the North and is alleged to have single-handedly picked most of the regime's political appointees that were employed from the north by Goodluck Jonathan. According to sources who have had contact with him, Tukur does not hesitate to inform you that 'he can get the President to do anything', and really in most cases he delivers; a source added.

However, Hassan Tukur, / learnt is torn between his loyalty to his boss and his kinsmen from the north, who are vehemently opposed to the President`s 2011 presidential ambition. To this end, Tukur is alleged to have asked the President not to contest the 2011 election. But his advice has not been heeded.

It should be recalled that in his inaugural speech, President Jonathan promised that 'the war against corruption will be prosecuted more robustly,' and his aides, particularly Hassan Tukur, pencilled in the name of his bosom friend, Nuhu Ribadu, the country's former anticorruption czar, to lead the war. Mr Ribadu was considered robust and effective in his position until he was forced out by Yar'Adua's government.

Mr. Tukur was very instrumental in the return of Nuhu Ribadu , whom he had convinced the president to appoint as his special adviser on anti-corruption and other related matters, but as soon Nuhu returned to Nigeria , the goal posts began to move. Hassan Tukur began to lobby the President to appoint Nuhu Ribadu as vice president, which in itself was not a bad idea as Nuhu Ribadu was viewed as a man of impeccable character, capable bringing credibility to any government. But this was not to be.

However, Nuhu Ribadu and Hassan Tukur, gathered were looking beyond the vice presidential position, their eyes were set on the plum job of president. Had President Jonathan given in to the plot, the duo would have covertly disclosed his flaws by releasing embarrassing details of the President to the media, which could portray him as inexperienced and incompetent for the office of President.

Consequently, they would have blackmailed him into resigning and returning to Bayelsa.   Nuhu Ribadu is very familiar with this type of operation. Recall that Nuhu Ribadu blackmailed Obasanjo into dropping Peter Odili as running mate to Umaru Yar`adua in 2007.

Having failed in their plot, Nuhu Ribadu abandoned the PDP, and joined AC, where he is a presidential aspirant; While Hassan Tukur stayed put on his job as principal secretary to the president, and is currently amassing stupendous wealth for himself under the guise of raising funds for the Goodluck Jonathan 2011 Presidential campaign. However, it remains to be seen if Hassan Tukur's loyalty lies with the President or the Northern Oligarchy.