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ACCRA October 8 - An innovative business solution that provides an efficient way to store and retrieve documents will be launched in Accra next week Friday 15th October 2010 at Alisa Hotel from 8am – 2pm to empower big, small and medium size businesses easy retrieval, retention and record management services and to enhance corporate governance.

The Jogobu's solution, is designed to give full control to companies using the Jogobu.NET system to have their documents on their desktops, create users or delete users anytime, share documents with colleagues, departments, auditors and others within seconds, decrease compliance and audits time frame and frustration in retrieving documents.

The browser-accessible archive, which is the best for document retention and recovery is the brain-child of Jogobu Company Limited, a pioneer in use-driven archives - a proprietary approach that stresses access, use and helps organisations reduce costs and improve access to their records within seconds.

"Our digital archiving retention systems and services ensure that enterprises can find and access any given record, whenever and wherever required," said Blaise Kudatugu, Chief Executive Officer of Jogobu Limited. "Our solutions offer secure, compliant, cost effective, and long-term archiving of electronic records."

The system is able to bring together electronic records such as e-mail, images, statements and more into a unified browser-accessible archive for fast retrieval and management.

To ensure and guarantee that records are not tampered with, the system provides a secure audit trail which ensures that any action taken on archived records are noticed.

"In all this the system is able to leave a record trail of any action taken by staffs who enter the system to prove that the records are free from tampering. The trail is essential in compliance audits and in cases where records appear as legal evidence," Kudatugu said.

Besides, Jogobu.NET is fitted with security features to forestall any tampering. These include the most sophisticated security certificates and firewalls, police and security firm response, approved intruder alarms with GSM Redcare, among others.

Companies willing to sign on to the system did not need to incur additional cost in purchasing of any special hardware or either install any special software as the application works with all browsers, the only requirement is an internet connection.

"By providing an essential range of smart and efficient working business solutions, we aspire to be renowned for our capacity to assist our customers in becoming more competitive, in a world where businesses transact at an unprecedented speed," Kudatugu added.

Note to Editors: Jogobu Company Limited develops, markets and supports archiving software and Internet applications, using the latest technologies to provide practical, user-friendly solutions for small and medium sized businesses, home-office entrepreneurs, professionals, middle managers and executives. The company is a privately-owned corporation and is currently in the process of opening offices in different countries to cover new emerging markets. The company's head office is located in Accra, Ghana.

Contacts:1. Blaise Kudatugu CEO (0265646634)

2. Archibald Neumann Jampanah MD (0243622021 / 0262622021)

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