Terror in Abuja

Source: huhuonline.com

The images of burning cars and blood-drenched victims of terror on Independence Day in Abuja will be seared into our nation's consciousness. A group of lowlifes thought that killing the innocent will accomplish their evil plans.

Nigeria has come of age to know that this kind of act will not polarize us any further or destroy our national identity. It is way past time for patriotic Nigerians to rise up against this kind of evil machinations and aggressively fight it wherever it appears, be it in the name of militancy, zoning or politics. And it is time for every Nigerian of good will to hold these terrorist hiding under militancy and politics accountable for their role in tolerating, shielding and encouraging killing, disunity and terrorism amongst us.

For the past fifty years these group of lowlifes and political deadwoods has been the agent of fear, ignorance and divisiveness. You don't need to go to planet mars to see what it has done to the country. All aspect of our lives have been reduced to nothing, yet these folks have nothing to offer except killings, corruption, fear, and division along religious, tribal and regional lines.

These are groups of selfish, myopic idiots peddling corruption, tribalism, hatred and bigotry. They crinkle to the likes of Henry Okah, leader of the militant wing of the terrorist.

      Adamu Ciroma a known political deadwood who cares less about the almajeri's in the northern part of the country, with its insane, nauseating, nonstop commitment to hatred and bigotry. Adamu Ciroma has called for the resignation of President Goodluck Jonathan, the last time I checked he never called for the resignation of Generals Babangida and Abacha who destroyed all that the country stood for. He has exposed himself as a man who does not believe in one Nigeria .  

  These lowlifes poison the political atmosphere and then have the gall to complain about the unity and development of the country. Their actions and statements are the inevitable result of fear and the bitter conflicts that pervades the country today : think north against south, rich versus poor, Christian against Muslim and a whole range of divisive coded words that tend   to blur the damage that their policies have inflicted on the country.  

  The protest of political critics together with the grumblings of disgruntled and political deadwoods that are afraid of facing the electorate and the whimpering of sore losers of our electoral process somehow ring hollow. The common thread is that these were not falsely perceived or unjustly vilified as examples of zoning, but of the election of

qualified candidates to public service. We do not need to resort to killing and anarchy to win an election. Ours is a government of the majority and not that of anarchy.

Felix Ayanruoh Esq.