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The Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Power, Hon. Patrick Ikhariale has identified the neglect by past administrations of the power sector as major factor responsible for the crisis in electricity supply in the country.

The chairman was a guest of the Kano Electricity Company with members of his committee as part of their oversight function. They were received by the staff and management of the electricity company in the state, who briefed them on the activities of the company in the three states under its management.

In a brief chat, shortly after their inspection of the transmitting stations in the state,  Ikhariale noted that due to inconsistencies in the policies of past governments, transmitting stations nationwide were unable to increase the marginal units of their MVAs, even as demands and consumption of energy soared due to changes in the society.

He gave example of the Kaduna Transmitting Station, which was commissioned in 1968, and noted that till date, the marginal increment of the MVA has not risen comparatively with demands for energy by consumers that depend on it for power generation.