By NBF News

Last month when I wrote about a woman whose wicked mother-in-law secretly conspired with her son to marry a new wife for him, the response from my readers confirmed what married women are experiencing in the name of marriage. Marriage is fantastic and I cherished couples who treat the marriage institution the way GOD made it to be.

That article was just not meant for that particular woman but for majority of African women who are suffering from the hands of wicked mother-in-laws. People reacted to the talk in different ways, and it was very clear that majority of married women are in marital rut or would I say-hell! Well, the woman in question has actually moved on with her life but the remaining suffering like we all know, will be for the wicked duo who felt they can get away with their deeds by biting more than they can chew.

Someone asked me—jacqui, how can you really forgive such a wicked woman and her son? How can the woman continue to face the husband with love and admiration? I said to myself——With what? Did I hear you say love and admiration? Where was love and admiration when he secretly sneaked down to Nigeria from the U.S where both of them are, same house, same bedroom and had the mind to marry a new wife. Folks, it is not that this woman had no children for this sly of a man and his wicked mother, neither is she jobless, rude, or ill-mannered. As I said in the first chapter of this talk, the woman did all the good things any wife and daughter-in-law could do but, like we all know, devil and his servants has no friends, never satisfied, all they think about are evil, pain, sorrow and destruction.

Now for those of you who have been following my talks for years, you will now understand why I keep encouraging women to be busy, get a job, be self-reliant, earn a living and do not just sit and wait for a man to marry you to give you a good life and make you happy. The woman in this talk, has moved on with her life, has a good job to take care of herself and kids and is not dependent on the so-called husband for anything. What would have happened to her if she was idle without any education, and job? If you are a young lady reading this and you are still idling about, searching for a husband to take care of you, wake up and take charge of your life right now before its too late. In fact, you get more marriage proposals when you prove you can call your own shots and do things for yourself. When you take responsibility for your life, you will not be pushed to marry a man you do not love and admire due to desperation. You will rather take your time to pick your own man, the man you want and not the man your family wants or poverty and low life pushed you to marry.

Sometime ago, I talked briefly on effects of mothers on their sons in the topic——MOTHER & SON RELATIONSHIP. Jacqui ask—-what is it about mothers in this world that they cannot allow their sons to make their own rightful decision especially when it comes to marriage? The worst part of it is that when the bubble burst, these groups of wicked mothers just stand by and watch their sons grieve and suffer from their manipulations.

Those of you men who also take everything your mother tells you hook, line and sinker, are just weak! Sure!! Just weak-pap (akamu) men!! That is what you are!!

How can you allow another human being push you to act negatively? Good and positive ideas are okay and if your mother gives you ideas to do good, you go on and take them but, for you to do things you very well know are not good before GOD and man, just because she gave birth to you makes you a lousy-weak man. Period!! There is no justification for evil and bad deeds whatsoever in this life!!!!

Finally, Jacqui says to all you battered, betrayed and cheated women, those who put in so much efforts to make their marriage work and all they got in return were pains, sorrow; forget the past, put your case before GOD, (NO REVENGE) GOD's revenge is sweeter with more lasting effects!! Move on with your life but plea-se, keep your distance from anyone who pays you evil for your GOOD!!

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