South West Roads: Call Your Representatives [cell Numbers Included]

Listen to article in colloboration with Rural Community Development Outreach [an NGO] is publishing the direct contact telephone numbers to the House of Representatives representing the South West geo-political zone of Nigeria. We ask that the citizens of Nigeria call and text them regarding the status of the roads in the South West.

In the 2010 National budget, N18.6billion was earmarked for road projects in the South West - out of 211billion earmarked for capital capital projects in the Nation [about 8.8%]. and Rural Community Development Outreach had previously published the cell phone numbers of the South East representatives to the House of Representatives - concerning the road conditions in the South East region. [Click here to view it]

It is constitutionally the duty of the House of Representative to ensure due diligence in the implementation of the articles of the budget.

Hon. Abike Dabiri 0802 313 3734
Hon. Bade Falade 0803 3370 1595
Hon Olamimeji Bankole 0803 304 3160
Hon. Dayo Alebioshun 0802 358 1316
Hon. Gbenga Elegbeleye 0803 578 5757
Hon. Gbenga Oduwaiye 0803 560 9920
Hon. Jumoke Okoya 0803 322 6121
Hon. Leo Awoyemi 0803 330 4760
Hon. Wole Oke 0803 331 6137
The breakdown of the South West road projects in the 2010 National budget.

[click here for the cell numbers">