General Ibrahim Babangida in the Final Battle of his Life

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Dear Dr Goodluck Jonathan ,
  It is true you are a very decent man and want to play politics according to the rules. It is equally true that God is on your side and has always seen you through all the valleys  of the shadow of death like the Yar'adua cabal saga. It is equally true that he has always prepared a table before you in the presence of your enemies like the 'Doctrine of Necessity'. All the above favors bestowed on you by God notwithstanding, your struggle in the 2011 election is not against flesh and blood only but against the rulers, against the powers and authorities, against the powers of this dark world and its darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.  For this reason, take up the full armour of God so that you may be able to stand your ground.

  The Abuja bombing of the 1 st of October 2010 is just a tip of the iceberg of the arsenal your desperate opponents have in their kitty to blackmail and intimidate you into submission.  Most of your opponents though they are enemies of the Nigerian states are ultimately ready for the kill since this is the final battle of their life. Your may wish to refer to a statement credited to one of their agent in the House of Representative last year that they are ready to kill 30 million Niger Deltans to keep the petro-dollars flowing. This is to tell you how ruthless and heartless they can be. That is why some of them have been fuelling the massacre of innocent people on the Plateau. Please know that they are crude, merciless and massacre without remorse. They gave you a dose in Abuja on 1 st October.

  Of course in 1993 you were old enough at 36 years then to have known that the June 12 election was casually annulled as if nothing was at stake despite the fact 12- 15 million people voted in that election. 400 billion naira of the petro-dollars and tax payers' money was wasted. Above all people's valuable time were equally wasted. 17 years on Babangida has never shown any remorse neither has he ever apologised for the over 500,000 to one million innocent Nigerians that were killed because of the fact that he annulled an election.

  You are fortunate enough to have an insider like Colonel Lawan Gwadabe writing you to brief and advise you about the treachery of their former boss. You may recall too that Colonel Lawan Gwadabe was the commander of the elite National Guard created by Babangida to protect him before the nemesis of the June 12 election annulment caught up with him and chased him out of Aso Rock by unarmed civilians. That is why sometimes some of us call Babangida a general of fortune. Therefore Dr Goodluck you will discard the Colonel Gwadabe advice at your own peril. You see, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida is in the final battle of his life. You may wish to note that he is claiming to be 69/70 years though Major Jokolo said that Babangida is about 76 years if truth be told and that is why he cannot stand for too long now.. You may wish to also note that in 2015 he will 75 years and will be politically irrelevant.

  Unfortunately for Babangida too, as it is now, all history has about him is corruption, murder, June 12 annulment, introduction of 419, drug baron and the stealing of the $12.4 billion dollars gulf windfall.

  As it is now Babangida is in the final fight of his life and is ready to put in his all and everything to steal the presidency in 2011. Of course with $12.4 billion dollars in his kitty and other sundry money, he has the money to buy those who have a price on their head or neck. Already you have been told that he has numerous sponsors like Moummar Ghadafi of Libya and oil companies in Angola.

  Remember also that there are Nigerians who are ready made for sale provided the price is ripe.

  Finally you must know that Babangida called himself the evil genius and is heartless and ruthless to kill to preserve his ego. He is always a fifth columnist and can even use somebody's wife against the same person. Babangida's treachery and betrayal of his friends and brothers is infamously legendary. Let me list those he has betrayed for you here as a remainder. In 1976, he betrayed Col BS Dimka and tricked General TY Danjuma.

  In 1984, he was the fifth columnist who sneaked the 53 suitcases to disgrace General Buhari. In the same year, he also harassed journalist to smear General Buhari rising profile with journalist then. It is fresh in our memory his ultimate palace coup d' etat that eventually pushed aside the nationalistic, purposeful and people oriented Buhari government to replace it with corruption extraordinary that was in August 1985. The rest is now history.

  Not only did Babangida betray Commodore Ebitu Ekiwe, the most senior Igbo officer in the Nigeria military in 1986, he also disgraced him from the service. It was a double jeopardy for the Igbo race. Ibrahim Babangida betrayed and humiliated Professor Tam David West from the Niger Delta.

  General Mamman Vatsa had his life cut short in his prime and Babangida says whenever he watches the film of the execution of General Mamman Vatsa, he fills fulfilled that he had to kill him.

  General Domkat Bali had his own dose of betrayal and disgrace in 1990, when he had on the air that he had been moved from Minister of Defence to Internal Affairs. He retired abruptly from the army and Babangida had to compensate him by promoting him to a 4-Star General in retirement. No wonder General Mohammed Chris Alli said that the Nigerian Army during Babangida's military misrule was army of anything goes. Just recently one Major Abubukar Mohammed (rtd) who was said to be Bababgida's chief security officer confirmed the General Chris Alli statement after the Gwadabe memo to President Jonathan got leaked to the press.

  Some of Babangida's so called friends that had a dose of his betrayal were General Yar'adua, Adamu Ciroma ironically campaigning for IBB now. Chief MKO Abiola, General Joshua Dogonyaro and of recent his former foot soldier Chief Godwin Dabo.

  What I am saying in essence is that Babangida cannot be trusted and can even betray his wife and children to achieve his self preservation and ego. As the Commander-in- Chief, you must be firm, decisive and be on your watch. History will be kind to you if you are firm and decisive and refuse to succumb to blackmail.

  Remember your opponents and enemies of the state have more than enough stolen state money to fight this war. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.  

  Ndiameeh Babrik