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Militant Group implicates IBB on Abuja Bomb Blast


UNREPENTANT militants of the Niger Delta have introduced another seeming curious dimension to the alleged terrorist attack in Abuja on Friday, October 1, 2010.

The Joint Revolutionary Council (JRC), a network of some unrepentant insurgents, claimed in an on-line statement to AkanimoReports on Thursday that former military ruler and a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential aspirant, General Ibrahim Babangida, was behind the attack.

Spokesperson of the group, Mr. Bakabio Walter, said in the statement: ''We were approached earlier by agents of IBB to carry out attacks in the Niger Delta and Abuja to demystify President Goodluck Jonathan and show that he does not have the support of his people, but we declined''.

According to them, ''it was because of this that we suspended our armed campaign this year. We realised that IBB was going to use our genuine agitation to his own selfish, unpatriotic and over ambitious advantage''.

''It was when we declined that they approached Henry Okah who is a mercenary by nature, and they started with the Warri bomb blasts followed by this October 1, attacks'', they added.

Continuing, the JRC said, ''for now we can say authoritatively that Okah heads IBB's terror machine and theirs is more sophisticated than what they have done so far. Jonathan beware!

''Recent events in the politics of the Nigerian State further exposes the ethnic and national contradictions and justify our agitations for self determination and call for a Sovereign National Conference of all the nationalities that were forcefully conscripted into Nigeria. This is the only peaceful way of getting out of this babarism that is threatening to create the biggest refugee problem in the world.

''We would like to use this medium to warn Nigeria's dirty politicians not to drag our region and its genuine struggle into their muddy water of politics.

''Also, those who are planning to organise a coup de'tat should know that they would have us to contend with as we will never allow their authority to extend into our region. We are watching keenly as the drama unfolds, knowing that after all this mad dance of macabre we shall meet at the barricade''.


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