President Jonathan's Parochialism & Double Speaking Manifesting


Dear Editor, Nowadays when President Goodluck Jonathan speaks or acts, he tends to double-speak or symbolizes parochialism. The president has unwittingly tagged Nigeria in the eyes of

 the international community as a nation that terrorists can easily operate. Therefore let him not ask foreign countries to 'shut up' if and when they list Nigeria as one that is now prone to terrorist attacks.

It was a unfounded conclusion for President Jonathan, before any investigation, to exonerate MEND from the 1 st October Abuja bomb attacks. He said it was an act of terrorism and not perpetrated by MEND; he claims to know the sponsors. He even went further parochially to ask: 'why would MEND that now have its own as Nigerian President for four months resort to this terrorist attack'?

He concluded that it was not possible. From those utterances, what the President has told the entire world is that he was a member of MEND. A question one would like the President to answer is: If it was not perpetrated by MEND members, why then did the President rely on a security report when he asked the South African government to apprehend Mr. Okah, the supposedly MEND boss? This is where his double-speak is evident.

The Nation newspaper of October 4, 2010 quoted IBB Campaign Organization thus: 'We at the IBB 2011 Presidential Campaign Organization wish to advise government that issues of security of individuals and of the nation require more than just a passing glance.  It requires the cooperation of all,,,but we can improve on measures to avert such occurrence, if we are tactful...' and President Jonathan replied thus: 'We are shocked that the IBB Campaign Organization would use the blood of the victims to advertise the credentials of IBB... And indeed, if security is the forte, the Nigerians who lost their lvies in the IBB years would be living today. Why, if we may ask, was IBB absent from the occasion?'. The above statements are capable of setting the nation on fire.

Dr. Edet Iniodu,
40 Oak Hill Boulevard,
Ontario, CANADA