Abuja Bombings: Expert Wants FG To Set Up Anti-Terrorism Commission

Source: SAINT MUGAGA - thewillnigeria.com
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ABUJA, Oct 04, (THEWILL) - In order to avoid a repeat of the twin bomb blast that rocked Abuja at the celebration of the golden jubilee of the nations independence, President Goodluck Jonathan has been advised to immediately set up an anti-terrorism agency to help tackle the growing menace of terrorist activities in the country.

A United Kingdom trained terrorism expert, Dr. Sunny Moneke who gave this advise today while speaking to journalists in Abuja called on the National Assembly to expedite action on the passage of the Anti-Terrorism Bills.

Moneke lamented that without a proper body of experts to advise the president, the nation may find it difficult to eliminate terrorism explaining that terrorists were not "conventional fighters but lethal enemies" with no defined mode of operations hence only professionals in terrorism could take them head on.

He equally urged government to take steps towards creating awareness about the reality of terrorism adding that measures must also be taken to identify such areas in the country that are prone to terrorist attacks.

While commending the recent restructuring of the security apparatus in the country by President Goodluck Jonathan, Moneke however advised that the federal government needs to do more because what took place is a sign that Nigeria was gradually inching towards a terrorists state.

He stated that kidnapping and abduction of expertise and now innocent children is the initial stage of terrorist activities and if proactive steps are not taken, this may snow ball into full-blown terrorism, which might be difficult to curtail.

According to him "what took place last Friday should not be taken lightly. We started hearing about kidnapping and abduction of experts, then it translated into Nigerians and now innocent children. It means something is wrong and government must tackle this head on."

Adding, Moneke who holds a doctorate degree in terrorism said: "While we are trying to unearth the masterminds of the Abuja bomb blasts which claimed ten lives and injured 36 others last Friday, we should also do what we are supposed to do before that we did not do. That is by getting an agency that is pro-active. That is where the passage of the Anti-terrorism Bill that has been pending before the National Assembly comes in.

"I am not saying that the security forces have not tried but the United Nations recommend a third force that is independent of the normal security forces, but we are yet to get this in Nigeria. It can also be done in such a manner that an ad-hoc committee is first established to be handling terrorism matter in the interim before the setting up of the statutory body" Moneke stated.

He advised that government should start investing in intelligence gathering to aid security pointing out that "although intelligence gathering is very expensive, there is no alternative to it if we must combat this dreaded problem of terrorism".