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Suddenly the rain dropped, and everyone felt stranded. How come rain at this time of the year? It was never expected, but some persons were happy at the fall, the farmers, at least they could till the ground with ease. That is the situation for the Niger delta.

When the first executive Governor of Bayelsa state, Diprieye Alamieseigha, renamed Bayelsa state 'the glory of all lands' in place of 'the pride of the nation', it was worrisome, but that has turned the hand writing on the wall as both acronyms have served us well,

Nigeria is celebrating her fiftieth anniversary and for forty nine years, the nation was ruled without a glimpse into the seat of power by a Niger Deltan. No one was also willing to relinquish power to this group of persons. All of a sudden, an unexpected rain fell that turned the situation into a blaze of glory.

A lesson unfolds for everyone, that while unfortunately the mighty man demonstrates his power like goliath in the bible, God neither sleeps nor slumbers, for He will favor the insignificant David at a time no one expects. The Niger Delta is not only leading, but the 'insignificant' Bayelsa state, occupies the seat of power. To crown it all, the 'Glory of all lands' is shown forth.

History will always remind Nigerians, and the powers that be, that at fifty, God used Bayelsa state's son to celebrate Nigeria to the world. What a remarkable development, a breath of fresh air in one moment of relief for the oppressed people of the Niger Delta and well meaning humanity.

The political scene is taking a fetish dimension ahead of the forth coming polls because the Niger Delta avails itself an opportunity to discharge good governance. No matter the debate on the prospect of our continuity, it is clear that all we have to say is 'to God be the glory'.

Suffice to say, whatever the outcome, Nigerians and indeed the world can never forget that the least has become the greatest in this land of warped emotions. The glory of all lands is vintage blessing at this 50th independence anniversary and will ever remain green in our memory even if not gain to the enemies of Justice.

Who can break the reach at fifty or stifle this splash of excitement?

Mrs. A. Okubusa Ayah
Director of Nursing Services
Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital