Hard Truth

By Vince Rashaad

I read your victim minded account of how much Arabs hate Africans and all the things they think of us.I would go on to say that is just horrible but there is a much bigger question that we as black people have to look inside ourselves and ask before we go on whining about our treatment at the hands of others.

First off there were many millions of blacks sold into slaVERY by other blacks. This curse will always exist as long as there is multilingual tribalism among us with no whites or Arabs. Second, any people who have been traded like cattle from 700 ad to the 1900s are a weak and pathetic bunch who should expect only to be trampled by others.

This is a cold and brutal world and there is no level of victimization that is gonna save you from persecution. Suck it up, stop feeling sorry for your self and learn to kill like a blood thrsity mad man fanatic so that when any people be they Arab, White,Asian or Hindu come against you they will know to expect to go home disabled with a well mutilated body if they go home at all. Anything less than this is surrender and you should prepare for the consequences of cowardice.

Observe that in the Americas when whites went looking for slaves, they found attempting to enslave Indians impossible. The Asians were completely out of the question. Only blacks would give up their lives to a life of servitude. Other races have too much pride and human indignation. We need to get a little Cherokee in our system and a lotta pride about ourselves or we can get ready for another 1000 yrs of black bussines as usual.

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