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Regarding the bomb blast on 1st October in Abuja


It is really unfortunate what happened on the day of Nigeria 's 50 th Independence anniversary at Abuja . The two bomb blasts that rocked the peace of Abuja that 1 st October so far claimed not less than eighteen (18) innocent lives with many others hospitalized; the number of the dead may increase judging from the conditions mentioned about those hospitalized.

  What baffles one is that the federal government got advance warning by MEND. Instead of using the same threat of MEND to avert what has become, the federal government enlisted the cooperation of South African Police to crudely and forcefully gain entrance, like thieves at night, into the home of Mr. Okah in South Africa . NEXT newspaper reported that the force and brutality used by South African Police traumatized Okah's family especially children who were at sleep as at that 3a.m. At the end of the search, nothing incriminating was found. Federal government went blind by not beaming its attention locally.

  The unfortunate statement from government after the blasts, which tended to point accusing fingers at the opposition, looked somehow irresponsible, ridiculous and defeatist. In whose hands is the security apparatus of the country? A school of thought has it that the situation was arranged by people in government in order to attract sympathy. We have embarrassed the visiting heads of international governments that were in Abuja for our golden jubilee celebrations . To crown it all, this is the first time such is happening at the federal capital city and at such a date of celebration.

  What one would conclude is that the President is deficient in his handling of matters and this should not be encouraged. MEND is made up of indigenes of Niger Delta , the native area of President Jonathan, then where lies the support from the ex-militants, to Jonathan presidency if they were actually the ones that masterminded this? It is hoped that Nigeria is not heading towards a crossroad of disintegration; this is not time for such, therefore we should not create it. 

Mr. Nnamdi Okafor,
  80 Omoba Road , Aba , Abia State