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Born on the 25th of April in the year of Nigeria's Independence in Jos, Plateau State to the family of  Mr/Mrs. H. A. Anyim of Agburuike Isiugwu in Obingwa Local Government Area of Abia State, Nyerere Chinenye Anyim's life clearly manifests and depicts liberation which posits his orientation, actions and life endavours. Nyerere desires to replace Senator Abaribe as the Abia South Senator on the platform of  PDP. In this brief chat he gives reasons:

Sir, can we get to know a bit of your academic background?

Thank you, I had my early education in Jos and graduated with excellent academic records; in addition to being very active in extra curriculum activities. I am an Accountant by profession and I have reached the academic pinnacle of my chosen profession as a Certified Pubic Accountant, a fellow of the African Business School, A Chartered Administrator and Member Nigeria Institute of Strategic Management.

I am also a Chartered Fraud Examiner and Member Governing Council Centre for Management Development. I have to my credit over 40 academic publications.

Going to the senate is not a child's play do you have any working experience to back up your fantastic academic background?

I have over two decades of cognate business and working experience in the private sector of our economy. I am a Director in many flouring business outfits, and sit atop a conglomerate of Business Empire the Rochas Group of Companies as the Group General Manager. I am also the Secretary, Board of Trustees of Rochas Foundation Inc.

As you can see, I have by the special grace of God carved an niche for myself in the business world by dint of hard work and my total trust in God Almighty through dedication to duty, couple with honesty, accountability and total commitment to the welfare of my people.

I am not trying to blow my trumpet but rather all I am doing is to prove to you that like you said, the senate is not a child's play and it needs highly competent and tested minds like me. Our people desever some one who will give them a good, equitable and selfless representation.

The people of Abia South have suffered much in the hands of politicians who present themselves as messiahs but ends up lining their pockets once elected. I am not going to the senate to accumulate wealth, I am going to the senate to serve, serve and serve my good people of Abia South. This nonsense must stop, we have been deceived a lot my people who have no collective interest of the people at mind. Service should be the name of the game and here I am in answer to you cry.

Take it or leave it Senator Abaribe is a fundamental force in Abia South politics, how do you intend to dismantle him?

That is where you got it wrong, the battle is not mine but of the Lord's. The battle is not Nyerere Vs Abaribe but the battle is God plus the people Vs anybody contesting against Nyerere. The battle is the people's battle; it is the battle of the good people of Abia South who are crying of insecurity in the land, no evidence of governance, poor representative and political greed of the worst order against the cabals who has been holding them down and in bondage over the years. The battle is about the liberation of my people, my people desire liberation and it is that call for liberation that I am stepping out to answer. I am child of independence and I have come to give independent to my people and hand over their life and destiny back to them, Peter please visit Abia South and see that my people are suffering, there is no evidence of representative anywhere. I am going to work for them with my energy and fund.

Our situation in Abia State Senatorial District is like a people bottled and corked! I am coming to uncork the bottle so that my people will posses their possessions. I am a firm believer in the service of God and Humanity, I didn't just step out to contest for election, I am answering the call of my people to step forth and liberate them. The people are solidly behind me. I am answering the call of God to step and liberate my people. I am only an instrument that has made himself available to be use by God as He pleases. You should visit you should visit Abia   state and point out to me one single evidence where the much hyped and trumped dividends of democracy is my heart bleeds.

Something serious must be done now to reveres this ugly trend. On paper you sound great just like several other politicians who are full of rhetoric but no political force to back it up. What is your political strength in Abia south, I know what am talking because I know Abaribe ?

The same political force that I use in winning the PDP ticket in 2007 …

(Cuts in) If you win the PDP primary ticket then what are you doing here why are you not in the senate?

Take it easy my brother that was what I was about to election was rigged out and the election was said to be inconclusive only for the name of cabals that have no interest of my people at heart. My people wanted to revolt but I had to plead with them for peace to reign since I know that any violence might lead to the killing of the same people that I had desired to serve. I wasn't so desperate because I was going there to serve the people not to enrich myself.

Basically the essence of my seeking political power is to better the wellbeing of my people in Abia South. My agenda is a redemptive agenda, an agenda of hope not thugery a hope directed towards liberating the people of Abia South senatorial District from the present morass of stagnation, deprivation, privation, marginalization and lack of opportunity they have unfortunately found themselves in this democracy.

Finally, what messages do you have to pass to your people?

My people of Abia South senatorial District l do not consider it expedient to further remind you of our misery and manmade inhibitions but like l have said earlier on, l have come to realize that sympathy alone can not solve our problems or rescue us from the strong hold of this cabals.

So I want you to think of the academic and pervasive poverty in our land amidst affluence of our political nouveau riche.

Abia State is considered on oil deposits found in Abia South senatorial District. Yet the impact is hardly felt.

My people, think of the decrepitude or near collapse of infrastructure and social services which have retarded the social and economic development of our people and Area.

Think of the political exclusion, social marginalization and economic subjugation of our people, think of the vicious spiral crimes and violence in Aba and environs. Armed Robbery and kidnapping is gradually becoming institutionalized.

Think of the dissonance of governance in Abia State with particular reference to Abia South.

Think of the insult misery, frustration and disillusionment of our people especially the youth.

This is time for action ,time to empower the youth, time to carry the people along ,time to make our place a better place . The light of Abia South senatorial District must change for better. This is time when the lord will the lord will turn again the captivity of the people.