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To ensure that politicians live up to their responsibilities, President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, has said he will hold them accountable. Briefing newsmen in Abuja on Nigeria @ 50, Oritsejafor, while declaring that his primary goal was to unite the body of Christ and tackle the area of constant religious crisis in Nigeria, which he said, CAN would do everything possible to put an end to, or reduce to its barest minimum, added that his third cardinal agenda was to hold politicians accountable.

'We have all failed our nation, therefore, we will do our best to tell the truth and I believe Nigeria will move forward.

'My third agenda, as CAN president, is to hold politicians accountable. We will do everything possible to ensure that politicians elected to positions are accountable for their positions. The media should assist us in the discharge of our duties,' Oritsejafor said.

Bemoaning the problems bedeviling our nation, Oritsejafor said, 'part of our problems is that we have had leaders who are heartless and have no conscience. 'I believe God will touch their hearts in this jubilee year.'

On corruption, he said it was sad to note that corruption was not only associated with the nation's leaders. According to Oritsejafor, 'even a gateman now asks for money before he opens the gate for you to entre. It is sad indeed,' he said.

Noting that 'we have a unique ground in preparing for the next government,' he further called on politicians to tell Nigerians what they would do so that Nigerians could assist them.

'Politicians should tell us what they want to do. We are prepared to help them,' he said.

On the way forward for Nigeria as a nation, he stated that God was the bottom line of having a new Nigeria.

'What Nigerians need most today, is an encounter with their God. As we prepare to celebrate our 50th year as a nation, there is need to thank God for the last 50 years and to look forward to the next 50 years with great expectations,' he said.

Admonishing Nigerians, Oritsejafor said, 'I must remind you that we are men and women of faith and our creed is that of walking by faith and not by sight.

'Though it might seem like there is not much to jubilate about in the nation, prophetically and by faith, we declare jubilee! We believe that as God sees our faith, He will give us cause to jubilate as we begin the journey of another 50 years. We don't wait to see things change before we rejoice. We rejoice in advance in firm faith that our God has heard our prayers and will supernaturally deliver this nation.'

On the forthcoming elections, Oritsejafor charged all eligible Nigerians to vote, to ensure that they register to vote.

'As you know, our nation faces critical months ahead as we move towards our general elections. Nigeria must get it right as regards credible elections. I use this medium to encourage everyone who is eligible to vote to ensure they register to vote when the voters' registration exercise begins,' he said.

On the part of CAN, Oritsejafor said 'CAN will ensure that as many Nigerians under our watch who are eligible to vote, exercise their democratic rights.

'We add our voice to say that every vote must count in this forth coming elections. And we commend the steps taken by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) so far in the preparations for the elections and I pledge the cooperation of CAN to ensure that in 2011, we have hitch free elections.

'We look forward to the enthronement of the kind of governments that will rule with transparency and accountability,' he concluded.