2011: Let the Corrupt Face the Music

Source: huhuonline.com
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It always amuses me each time I read stories of politicians crying wolf that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, is being used by opposition to scuttle

their political dream. The question I always ask is this: is it the EFCC that 'hypnotized' them into committing the alleged financial crimes for which they are being prosecuted?  

  The latest news report is the insinuations by some politicians linking on-going investigation of multi-billion naira fraud allegations in some states of the federation to the 2011 elections.  

  I hope the point of those making these arguments is not for the EFCC to go on recess simply because the election is at the corner. This I think does not make any logic. It indeed turns logic upside down.  

  It is rather logical for the anti_graft agencies to put all efforts together to ensure that the corrupt are sent far away from the 2011 race as to me, it is not enough for Prof. Jega's INEC to conduct a credible, free and fair election. The INEC must ensure that those who will win election into offices through free and fair elections are credible to stand for elections themselves.  

  This underscored why INEC in collaboration with EFCC, ICPC and any other related agencies should put every necessary motion in place to see that the corrupt are sieved out of the race for the credible politicians to play the game in 2011.  

  As far as I am concerned, insinuations in media reports that the EFCC is targeting pro-zoning governors ahead of the 2011 elections are calculated to freeze its hands. Madam Waziri, please don't be cowed, don't look back, no one puts his/her hands and look back, you are on course. Never contemplate of quitting as quitters don't win and winners don't quit.  

  I make bold to beg madam Waziri that no amount of intimidation or propaganda or campaign of calumny should stop her and her winning team from carrying out the statutory responsibilities of investigating and prosecuting economic and financial crimes in any part of the country.  

  Attempts to link EFCC's operations to political considerations remain a blackmail which I pray should not stop the anti_graft agency from doing the needful within the ambit of our statutory responsibilities.    

Favour O. Ojelimafe,
Ambrose Alli University ,
Ekpoma, Edo State