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By Lere Olayinka

Ekiti State Government has accused the Action Congress of Nigeria

(ACN) in the State of plot to destroy water distribution pipelines across the State, calling for vigilance among residents of the State and security agencies.

Chief Press Secretary to the State Governor, Wale Ojo-Lanre, who made this known in a statement issued yesterday, said; the opposition ACN have commissioned some people to procure fake documents on government's financial transactions with a view to using the documents to sponsor stories on allegations of fraud against the State Government in some selected newspapers and magazines.

Ojo-Lanre said in the statement that; “Yesterday, information reached us that plots had been hatched to destroy water distribution pipelines across the State. This is apart from the plan to procure fake documents on government's financial transactions with a view to using the documents to sponsor stories on allegations of fraud against the State Government in some selected newspapers and magazines.

“The sinister plot was an aftermath of a position paper said to have been made by a Lagos based political strategists, who was commissioned to fashion out a 'winning formula' for the ACN in Ekiti, Osun and Oyo States.

“To carry out this task, fund has been provided by a prominent aspirant in the ACN, who is a very close ally of Tinubu. Some staff of the State Water Corporation is being wooed into providing cover for those that are to carry out the plot.

“It is on record that the State Government, since 2007 has embarked on the most comprehensive “Water for all Programme” ever, which has translated into increased water production capability and capacity, as well as increased water supply to the people of the State.

“In the last two years, over 300km water pipelines have been laid while booster stations and water reservoirs have been built in towns like Ado, Erijiyan, Ido-Ile, Okemesi, Ipole-Iloro, Efon, Ikere among others. It is also on record that as against the State's estimated daily water demand of 96,000,000 litres, the government has been able to put in place production capacity of 185,100,000 litres per day.

“No doubt, this feat has remained a major source of worries for the political desperadoes in the ACN, who crave that the State be held down as a justification for their persistent electoral failure.

“Therefore, this sinister plot is one of the ACN plans aimed at sabotage the government developmental efforts with a view to providing themselves with grounds to campaign against Governor Segun Oni's re-election.”

While lamenting the ACN's level of desperation for power, the governor's spokesperson said; “It is sad, indeed very sad that a group of people would for political gains plan to disrupt the supply of potable water to the people at a time when water-borne diseases like cholera are ravaging some parts of the country.

“We however which to state that like every of the ACN's anti-people's plots, this one too will amount to nothing because Ekiti people have seen beyond the party's (ACN) destructive propaganda.

“With its persistent failure at the polls and imposition of agents of the former Lagos State Governor, Mr. Bola Tinubu on the party as its candidates in the Southwest States, Ekiti people have come to associate the ACN with failure and second slavery and would more than they did in 2007 and 2009 vote against the party during the next year general elections.

“We are therefore using this medium to call for vigilance among Ekiti people and urging them to protect government facilities in their communities.

“At this critical period, it is the personal responsibility of the people not to allow devious individuals or group of people to sacrifice their lives for selfish and pecuniary reasons. It is therefore imperative that all strange movements are promptly reported to appropriate security agencies.

“We are also calling on security agencies in the State to be proactive in order to effectively checkmate the evil conspiracy and totally defuse devilish plots like the one being planned by the ACN people, which is capable leading to an outbreak of diseases with the attendant loss of lives.

“It is also our advice to the ACN leaders that they should desist from seeking political power through blackmail, destructive propaganda and devilish plots that are inimical to the well-being of Ekiti people.

They should rather do a self appraisal, with a view to ascertaining why they have been consistently rejected by Ekiti people so that they can make amends.

“Like we said earlier, any evil plot that is made against our people and the government will always fail because ours is a “God's Own Project.”