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By NBF News

Are you married to a university lecturer? Or is your husband a teacher in any of the higher institutions around the country? Do you trust his judgment of what is right and decent? Even if you cannot vouch for his fidelity, are you sure those trespassing on your property are not his students?

As brilliant as university dons are supposed to be, a few of them have brains that automatically shut down at the sight of a pair of hot legs or teenage cleavage. Everything that earned them their Ph.Ds simply fly out of the window once they see exposed youthful female flesh. They simply take the 'first amendment' way out when faced with temptation. Oh, you don't know temptation's first amendment? Here's it: the best way to avoid temptation is to fall into it. See? Nice and easy. No struggle. Just follow the wide path.

Considering that most undergraduate kids now think with their cleavages, the dons also meet them halfway by responding with their third legs. We all know what that means. A randy don sees boobs being shoved in his face and his brains spills out or at best goes on recess.

Now, I haven't been able to come up with a convincing argument against an affair between an 18-year-old female undergraduate and her 52-year-old teacher. My friends said something about consenting adult. I'm not convinced that line of thought makes it right but I know once it is not rape and neither of the adult is complaining, they might as well go ahead and live happily ever after. But where there is as much as a grunt from either of the parties, then the wronged party should expect consequences and repercussions.

Temptation abides everywhere, so let no lecturer say the half-naked girls make their lives miserable. There are half-naked girls all over. More in the cities than on some campuses. There are also lecturers whose students know better than to go half-naked to their offices. But women who are married to willing customers of Jezebel undergraduates are really in trouble. What's worse, their troubles are not limited to HIV and its younger siblings like gonorrhoea. And the real trouble, I hear, starts when a lecturer takes advantage of or blackmails an unwilling student into his randy bed. That's when his headache migrates into migraine territory. And if the mother of his unwilling victim is a hot mum who does not leave vengeance to God, he just might end up with a tumour.

Like in the case of Dr Oraks. He saw this beautiful JAMBITE called Onome. She looked untouched, beautiful, ever so well turned out. Must have come from a rich home, thought 49-year-old Oraks. He figured Onome was one of those spoilt rich kids who are supposed to have 'seen it all' by the time they are 18. So, he went after her. Be my girl and get a straight 'A' in my course and Oraks course was a difficult one. Onome didn't see why she had to sleep with the old man to get an 'A'. Besides, she did not need an 'A' . A pass would do just fine. She innocently told Oraks off. Oraks stayed on her case. She stood her ground. Until one evening when she went for tutorials. As the group was leaving, Oraks told Onome to wait behind. He then launched into a long homily on why getting in between Onome's legs would put her on the path to academic paradise. He knew many lecturers. He even knew a few campus gang lords. To shorten a long story, Oraks had his way with Onome right there in his office. It was pure rape.

You know how these things happen. Onome got pregnant. Why does it always happen like that, anyway? Even in marriage, it is the month you and your husband become more passionate than sensible that you get pregnant when you are still breast- feeding. Anyway, Onome decided to tell Oraks his three kids in the University Staff School were about to get a little brother or sister. Awesome, and how did that become Dr Orakwe's business or did his office look like a maternity ward? He virtually kicked Onome out of his office.

Now, Onome was an only child of a single mother who was determined to give her daughter all she did not get which was why the girl looked like a 'butter' in the first place. Like any desperate pregnant teenager who did not want to shatter her struggling mum's hopes, Onome opted for an abortion. It went wrong. Thank God, she did not die but her womb was substantially damaged enough for the doctor to say Onome would need a miracle to ever become a mother.

Onome's mother was distraught. She raved and raged at her ungrateful daughter. How could she let her down like that after all she'd sacrificed? Running around with foolish boys who were not ready to become fathers? She made Onome sound like a murderer and whore rolled into one. The girl confessed. It was her lecturer who stole her womanhood.

All hell was let loose in Oraks' home. He lost two children in one day in an accident that left the car still okay enough to be driven from the accident scene. Orak's wife and the driver sustained no serious injuries but his two sons died on the spot. Was that karma? Was Onome's mother a witch or was Onome herself an ogbanje?

That was why I started this piece with those questions. If you are married to a teacher who eats his female students for dessert, you and your kids are not safe. Everything that makes you happy could end in one day. Call him and beg him. What happened to Oraks' children may just be jungle justice of a kind.

Don't ask me what I'd do if I were Onome's mum. The issue is what wouldn't I do if a randy goat messes up my daughter.