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The Nigerian movie industry has always been a topic of heavy controversy and travesty. It is one of the largest producing film industries in the world but until now has built a reputation for quick and quaky productions shot mostly with video cam and released straight to video.

With Nollywood, the cinema has not been a place of great relevance. The industry has been able to successfully blow video to the size of the cinema screen a couple of times and has one time released a feature film that played in Nigerian cinemas for a few weeks before it was quickly released to video, another lackluster attempt at taking Nigeria to the cinemas.

At last, Atlantic Overseas and TFP Productions, two film companies that thrive on developing world class Nigerian movies have not only shot two 35mm films but are also releasing them internationally in various cinemas, first in the U.K and then the rest of the world.

35mm is the international standard for shooting films and until now, Nigerian filmmakers have complained that it is a very expensive and tedious process. Atlantic Oversees and TFP have however proved to the world that it can be done by releasing two 35mm feature films back to back on international screens. The movies Mission To Nowhere and Mirror of Beauty, were directed by Teco Benson and Okey Zubelu Okoh respectively.

The movies have been developed for a global audience, which means that though their themes are purely Nigerian they have been written, acted and directed with the international audience in mind.

Mission To Nowhere directed by the renowned award winning action director Teco Benson is an intriguing contemporary Nigerian drama and stars Stephanie Okereke, Sam Dede, Larry Williams and Barbara Soky. It would start showing on the 21st of September 2007.

Mirror of Beauty which is a Nigerian epic movie of unique dimensions promises a new height of global intrigue and suspense would start showing on September 28th 2007.

Both movies would be showing in Odeon and Cineworld Cinemas across the U.K and Northern Ireland.