Long before the recent uproar triggered by Pastor Terry Jones' threat to publicly burn the Quran this past 9th anniversary of 9/11, Muslims here in Nigeria's Islamist north had in informal discussions severally boasted that the Quran is fire-proof and can't be burnt. For them, this was part of the miraculous evidence that the Quran is divine.

I was tempted on one occasion to dare them to put their bogus claim to the test and set the Quran alight, then let's see if it wouldn't burn. But discretion they say is the better part of valour particularly when dealing with the mindless murderous adherents of a violent pseudo-religion; otherwise I wouldn't be alive to write this piece.

Nonetheless I fervently looked forward to some credulous nitwit Islamist reassuring the worked-up Muslim Umma that the Florida Pastor's threat to burn the unburnable Quran would be an exercise in futility in view of the miraculous pyro-invincibility of Allah's terror manual.

What better way to convince we infidel doubting Thomases that the Quran is God's word and win converts, than by the Islamic scripture defying conflagration when it is publicly set ablaze?

Instead, as expected the Muslims threw up puerile tantrums and threatened violence. In Afghanistan several of the violently protesting Muslims were injured and even killed for a Quran burning that didn't happen. Another 11 people were killed in Kashmir India, and a church attacked by rioting Muslims in Malerkotla, Punjab (also in India), all because of Quran burning in faraway USA.

Deplorably, some Muslim heads of states who should know better and calm their violent short-fused co-religionists, joined in stoking Muslim rage.

Our Lilliputian neighbour, Gambia's Yahya Jammeh blustered - “We Muslims will defend our religion with our blood…Any country that allows any copy of the holy Quran to be burnt, Bilahi Walahi Talayi, will regret it."

Iran's maximum despot Ayatollah Khameini no doubt welcomed the Quran burning diversion from the simmering revolt to his tyranny as he fired up a rally of 1000 “kill the pastor” cum “death to America” protesters in Teheran. Never mind the recent report of Bible burning by Iranian security forces in Sardasht.

In a CNN interview, Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, the Islamist provocateur whose proposed mega-mosque on 9/11 ground zero prompted the Quran burning saga, threatened that “anger will explode in the Muslim world” if the offensive triumphal mosque isn't built on the site where Jihadists massacred thousands of Americans.

So Imam Rauf is actually doing America a favour, saving the U.S. from explosive Muslim anger by insisting on building the ground zero mega-mosque against the wishes of overwhelming majority of Americans. Religion of peace indeed!!

Saudi Arabia regularly confiscates and shreds Bibles, yet Christians have neither threatened nor resorted to violence against the Islamic kingdom. Instead Christian leaders and other dhimmi appeasers fell over themselves condemning Pastor Jones.

I didn't hear Barrack Obama support Pastor Jones' Quran burning on the grounds of first amendment constitutional rights as he did when the American president endorsed the 9/11 mega-mosque - since it's all about “rights” not sensitivity.

On the contrary Obama denounced the proposed Quran burning, although as Commander-in-Chief of US armed forces, he had no qualms with his troops burning hundreds of donated bibles a few months ago (May 2010) to prevent their distribution in Afghanistan.

It's alright to burn and shred the Bible, but not the unholy Muslim scripture.

Truth be told, all copies of “prophet” Mohammed's Mein Kampf i.e. Quran, should be burnt to ashes.

We are talking about an unwholesome hate-spouting malevolent pseudo-scripture that incites Muslims to murderous violence against non-Muslims (Q 9:5, 9:29, 9:123); authorizes Muslim men to rape female captives, slaves and maids (Q 23:1-6, 70:29-30, 4:24); endorses wife beating (Q 4:34), condones paedophilia (Q 65:4) and promotes honor killing (Q 4:15, 18:74/80-81).

To ensure complete eradication of the inglorious Quran, some form of mass hypnosis would also be necessary to expunge it from the conscious memory of Muslims since some of them have memorized the entire Quran.

But for its undeserved glorification as religious scripture, the Quran would have been banned as hate literature, or at least tagged with a warning – “Caution: This book could be hazardous to your humanity!!”

Ridding the world of Qurans would be the greatest contribution to world peace today since Islam is the number one cause of conflict globally - the Middle East, Philippines, Thailand, India, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, USA, Europe and of course here in Northern Nigeria.

The negative impact of Islam on humanity dates back to its very beginning in 7th century Arabia when that prophet-wannabe Arab psychopath transformed tolerant easy-going pre-Islamic Arabs into rampaging bloodthirsty Jihadists who with other forced Muslim converts killed an estimated 260 million people over the next 14 centuries as they invaded, terrorized and pillaged non-Muslims from Spain through North Africa, the Balkans and Middle east to India.

Here in Naija, Islam is the number one obstacle to the emergence of a truly united nation, prompting some southerners to repeatedly call for separation from the Islamist north that is bedeviled by incessant religious violence.

In the same vein Southern Sudanese will vote in a referendum January next year to free themselves from the Arab-wannabe Muslim supremacists up North after three decades of failed Jihad to forcibly Islamize the non-Muslim South.

We infidels are fed up and will no longer be hoodwinked by the tired “few misunderstanders of Islam” canard used to deceptively rationalize Muslim violence. Why is it only Muslims that misunderstand their religion in such a violent and deadly manner?

I don't know of any Hindu misunderstanders who have flown hijacked passenger airliners into skyscrapers, or Buddhist misunderstanders who justify paedophilia on religious grounds. Nor am I aware of any Christian misunderstander who killed his daughter to maintain a warped notion of family honor.

No amount of Taqiyya spin can obscure the obvious fact that there is something inherently pathological about a belief system - Islam - that drives its adherents to murderous violence.

Rather than hyperventilate irrationally and throw violent tantrums each time Muslims feel their religion is disrespected, they should ask themselves why Americans are not threatening to burn the Hindu Vedas; why Scandinavians didn't cartoon caricatures of Gautama Siddhartha (Buddha)?

If Muslims want to avoid ridicule and insults on their false religion, they must put their house in order and stop constituting themselves a nuisance to humanity.

Otherwise they might as well take a time machine back to the barbarism of Mohammed's 7th century Arabia where the psychopath prophet wannabe had his goons assassinate his critics, notably Ka'b bin Ashraf, Abu Afak and Asma bint Marwan (a breastfeeding mother).

Such barbaric intolerance has no place in twenty first century modernity.

Offensive as they may seem, insults and ridicule in public discourse are an integral part of intellectual freedom that is indispensable for advancement of human civilization. Hence the Western world which tolerates and even celebrates Dan Brown's blasphemous mockery of Christianity in Da Vinci Code, is far ahead of Muslims in all positive human endeavours - science, technology, democracy, human rights.

While the Muslim Umma which drives Salman Rushdie into hiding with death threats for the Satanic verses is wracked by terrorism, honor killing, repressive quasi-theocratic dictatorships, poverty and religious intolerance - not just against non-Muslims but also against other Muslims, with Shiites and Sunnis persecuting and killing each other.

Thus Muslims need more Quran burners and more cartoon caricatures of their paedophile “prophet” to emancipate them from mental enslavement to the backward hate cult that is keeping them down.

Spineless capitulation to Islamist threats feeds Islamic supremacism, emboldens violent Jihadists and strengthens their retrogressive stranglehold on the Muslim Umma who can clearly see that violence pays, and are accordingly whipped into line.

Therefore in defiance, Quran burnings and cartooned caricatures of the paedophile Muslim prophet should be organized simultaneously throughout the non-Muslim world, then let's see if Muslims can take on all of us infidels who outnumber them five times and are superior to them technologically, militarily, culturally and economically.

We non-Muslims must not hesitate to deploy our superior might to tame these subhuman savages who endanger us all. Otherwise one day we'll wake up to Islamist catastrophes much worse than 9/11.

Nafata Bamaguje

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