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The hip-hop musical group, JJC-419 Squad has broken up. The break-up is not unconnected with the decision of Mastaplan, one of the members of the group, who has concluded plans to take his musical career to greater height, to operate as a solo artiste. His has added to the growing list of musical unions that have gone awry especially in the hip-hop world.

Born Bent Gbadebo, Mastaplan, who is currently in the United Kingdom, decideed to break away from the group in order to showcase his talent, which he feels is not being appreciated enough under the JJC-419 group.

The group, which won the 2004 Kora Awards for the best African Group, has not been visible on the musical scene for some time now, and this is seen in some quarters as a period of reflection for the group on their musical career.

Mastaplan's latest effort, “No dull yourself” is expected to be a hit once it is launched. The single, which will be made public soon, is to re-launch the artiste as a solo act after five years of being in the JJC – 419 Squad.