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Movie personality of all times and Ebubedike (Okonkwo) in television adaptation of Chinua Achebe's best seller, Things Fall Apart, Pete Edochie has frowned at a recent newspaper publication which quoted him as calling politicians names.

Edochie, in a telephone interview last weekend from his Enugu base, stated that he was interviewed by the newspaper's reporter in his hotel room during a recent visit to Lagos but wondered why the report was mischievously twisted at the end of the day.

“All my age and level in life, there are certain things I take exceptions to and irresponsible journalism is one of them. I couldn't have said that politicians are animals or anything like that because I'm matured in mind and words,” the award-winning actor who was conferred with the national honour, Member of the Order of the Niger (MON) last year, explained.

Edochie, a foremost journalist and broadcaster who was actively involved for over three decades, stated that he detests irresponsible journalism and unnecessary misrepresentations meant to achieve nothing but undue sensationalism.

“It was a very extensive interview that revolved around a wide range of issues from which the reporter ought to have chosen the key point but for reasons best know to him, he picked on an area I have no attachment or business with, “ he said.

The celebrity actor and producer who is still mourning his mother who passed on recently advised that journalists should always remember the cardinal points of good journalism and adhere strictly to them.