The Phenomenon called Goodluck Ebele Azikwe Jonathan.


From my point of view Pastor Da Jonah David Jang summed it up in one sentence. The Jonathan presidency is settled in heaven. Seasoned politicians of the days of yore and even present had to acknowledge the unprecedented mammoth crowd that has gathered to witness Goodluck Jonathan's declaration intent. Chief Solomon Lar who has been in Politics since 1952 confessed to the fact his entire political career spanning 58 years; he has never seen such a multitude of people. In the same vein 'Mr Fix It' Chief Tony Anenih and Alhaji Bamanga Tukur who have over 30 years of politicking in Nigeria still confirmed that it was the largest political gathering they have ever witnessed. Even the spy governors will have a lot of stories to tell their candidate. Mr Fix It has say it all, those still on the fence still have ample time to join the Goodluck train before it zooms of finally.

  No to zoning, yes to good governance. The Goodluck phenomenon is a different ball game all together. Political science students at doctorate degree level have a special thesis topic to study what makes Dr Goodluck Jonathan an extraordinary human being. This is one person that landslide is in his favour on all front. The divine does his bidding for him using honest and God fearing people. If you weren't at the Eagle Square during his declaration honestly you have missed a lot.

  Even the proponents of zoning agreed that he spoke extraordinary the minds of Nigerians at his declaration if the Newspapers headlines is anything to go by. What stunned most pundits were the mammoth crowds and the attendance by all the PDP governors but one. The hierarchy of the National Assembly was at their best taking glory for the doctrine of necessity. To be honest give 'honor to whom honor is due' and   we therefore give honor to Senator David Mark and Chief Dimeji Bankole and all the National Assembly Members for the 'Doctrine of Necessity'. What they did is what is expected of patriots. That is what President Obama meant by strong institutions.

  No one individual should be bigger than the state or 150 million people. Most importantly Dr Jonathan dwelt on verifiable facts. All the 774 local governments' headquarters now have at least an NNPC Mega station. The good old days seems to be back. One drives into a patrol station once again while an attendant is filling your tank; another is cleaning your windscreen. Power is still epileptic but there is some improvement compared to the year before.

  Mr President, it is clear that you will continue in power from 2011 to 2015. It is also clear that you are a listening person who accepts the smallest piece of suggestion from inconsequential persons like me. We do not want a bogus seven-point or 10-point agent from you. Please touch our lives in these first three areas in your first two years in office. 1. Security.  2. Power.  3. Education.  Mr President you can do it. We know you have the willpower and the wherewithal is also available.

  You have fixed Petroleum products in four months. You can surely fix power in one year. So many a foreigners would want come to Nigeria to do business and invest but they always mention lack of security and lack of power as their major problems. Mr President equips the Nigeria Police to the teeth and they will wipe out kidnapping and reduce highway robbery to the barest minimum for good. Give the police helicopters and radio cars.

  Luckily enough you promised us zero tolerance for corruption. Please match your words with action the Nuhu Ribadu style.

  Dr Jonathan, Nigerians appreciate every little good intention followed with action.  That is why Nuhu Ribadu is an instant hero for his service at EFCC. General Buhari can mingle with the masses any where in Nigeria without the fear of being attacked. Mr President Sir that is what we want for you when you eventually leave Aso Rock Villa. You have fixed petrol, please fix security, power, education and if possible the transport system before you leave office.

  As for education, remember that Madiba Nelson Mandela said 'An educated person is a liberated person'.

  Please fix power, security and education in your first two years in office and your name will be written in gold in the annals of Nigeria history. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.     Ndiameeh Babrik