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•Pete Edochie is a veteran actor, nobody can contest that, any time, any day. And that he has won many local and international laurels is no longer news. But whoever reads any interview this guru grants any newspaper or magazine should watch out for something. There is no way he won't talk about an interview he and Chinua Achebe did with the BBC many years ago. But as Searchlight was wondering why Uncle Pete keeps telling people about that particular interview, he cleared the air that the day he was interviewed by the BBC was the sweetest day of his career. Now you know why he is so excited about it.

•Tricia Esiegbe, actress and anchor of the popular television programme 'Bold Faces,' is just recuperating from an undisclosed illness, Searchlight can reveal. Those who saw her last weekend stated that she is still taking drips. And according to her, she has been indoors receiving treatment for the past one week. 'Soonest recover' O Tricia!

•Are there no more good samaritans in this country who can assist Bayo Bankole, the former Boy Alinco of Wale Adenuga comedy series, 'Papa Ajasco', overcome his plight? He is said to be in dire financial straits, if what some 'Olofofos' said is anything to go by. But whether that is true or not, Searchlight noticed that from his shoddy dress sense and his 'beleje' golf car, that is obviously crying for a substitute, that all might not be well with this talented guy!

• Nollywood actors are now crossing into the music industry, while some musicians are also crossing over to acting. Searchlight is pleased to inform you that the duo of Tywo and Kenny Akintoye, popularly known as Twin-X, are currently warming up to launch themselves into the movie circle soon. The duo said, ''ours will not look like the normal way musicians have been crossing over to moviedom. It will be with a bang and in a unique way.'' Searchlight however gathered that before the twin brothers will embark on such mission, their second album 'Home and Away' would have hit the shelves.

•Searchlight has finally listened to the much talked about album of crossover actor, Segun Arinze, and it's not bad at all. But the challenges he may face as regards wide acceptance is the fact that it sounds too foreign and this is Nigeria where some music listeners don't know the nitty gritty of good music. Anyway, we hope his name as a successful and popular actor will make the difference. Good luck!

•Only God knows what award-winning movie producer and actor, Abayomi Lukmon Fabiyi, has in the offing for his upcoming movie titled 'Pajawiri'. This is because the promising actor and producer likes springing surprises and Searchlight is not yet sure of what he is up to this time. But in what seems like gathering the best set of people to make the movie a chart buster, Fabiyi was recently spotted with a screen play guru, Abiola Hughes, and the boss of Corporate Pictures, Abdullahi Rasaq at the National Arts Theatre, Iganmu, chatting on the project. Doesn't it seem that a revolution is about to take place in Nollywood through the 'think-tanks'?