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Life is given to us for some reasons. The reasons are left for us to discover, from the first breath of air we take when that sweet lady gave birth to us. It's a journey of discovery. I don't believe that success is a chance; it's a choice; a continuous series of intentional steps. Sometimes we get confused; confused because we may not understand, but in my walk through life up till now, I see clues; something happens to point me in the right direction. The people I meet, situations I face; these things open my eyes and direct my focus; they permit me to understand, where my life is headed.

I remember the pits I lay in for years discovering Charly Boy, in my birthplace, with all I had to take advantage of and enjoy. I left it all to find me. I lay in pain, just to find out who I am, what I am, what I can be.

I have seen cowards and fools. Before I say who these groups of people are, first accept my apologies and probably, you might get a glimpse as to who you should be. Foolish cowards are those who give their lives to others; those who take advantage of the 'little' they have now and just live with it. Let me break it down. A young son of a rich father lives with the comfort of his fathers' wealth in his vision, living stupidly, untrained and spoilt. You see, whatever you make a standard becomes your limit. Many people trade their own lives, their peculiarity, and their own distinct opportunity for success; for what they have as the so-called 'silver spoon.' Mind you, it's completely noble to get an inheritance; it's completely noble to leave something tangible, a foundation for your children to build upon. But when an individual is completely 'inactive' and undefined then he is a failure.

The only thing that makes a man or woman special is that thing that is within; it's the only thing that sets you apart. Some are suffering today simply because they have refused to face their lives square and discover who they are.

The road that leads to the tower of success is rugged, murky, slippery, dark, and scary… I've been there. I still go through it, just like I told you; everyday exposes you to light. That tunnel doesn't stay dark, people, good and bad situations, come along and put a better pattern on your life; as you wake to the light everyday; there's an opportunity to understand and get a uniform rhythm, you meet someone and something happens, you get a stream of light that breaks a crack in the tunnel and you press on with a better view of the tunnel. Come to think of it, this tunnel is your life!

Walk your life. No one ever born on this planet knows exactly where they'll end up. No one! When you see success, know its deliberate, chains of deliberate attempts.

You may not have the tools to gun for it. No. Or maybe you do! Did I just fuel your excuses? No! You have the tools. Consider a wall before you and you need to punch a breather hole in it with a nail and a small hammer. What do you do? Make excuses, like 'this hammer is too small, the nail not strong enough' or do you just go ahead and try punching a hole? Come on! Are you getting the picture? Just start hitting the wall with the nail, pick a spot and keep at it, punch and punch the spot, you may soon discover the wall is hollow in the middle or made of paper! You may find out it's not as tough as you perceived.

Just think about it, would you die unseen, behind the suffocating wall or would you start punching the hole?

I see another set of cowards: the ones that have succumbed to the pains around them and defeated by trials. They carry a face of pity; they want to be pitied; they have closed the well of possibilities that is within them and again they start making excuses, enjoying telling their stories of how life has pushed them to the brink. Well, I don't mean to be sarcastic here or dispassionate but its sickening how people will throw their own lives away and seat on the pile of pain. Look around you, some people have reached within and found something, a small ray of light it may be, but that, they have held on to and started their walk. As they walked they found more fuel to boost the fire and thus the light.

They refused to be defeated, soon you see them on top, influencing people, changing situations and being bacons of hope, even though they were once hopeless and destitute, they just focused on the well spring within them, even when the hopeless darkness hugged in like a cloak, they focused on their little light and fueled it with passion and deliberate efforts. Guess what? The little flame soon became a burning forest, crackling with dry wood burning in the flames, heating everything even the skies above…

How beautiful!
The truth is, manna doesn't drip like rain any more. What you have in your hands is what you need to take this walk. You think it's too small, quit being foolish and focus. Someone could do with what you have. We've seen blind men on pianos. We've seen poor men walk in the courts of kings, and we've truly seen beggars on horses. How? There's something in each of us that could be traded for a better life!! Else you wouldn't have taken in this air, you wouldn't have deserved it. But you're here already and you want to go wasted? Dead behind the wall, suffocated with a bloated blue throat?

How long will you be a trifling fool?
Every one of us has heard: 'the journey of a thousand miles starts with a step,' but how many of us really do understand its meaning?

Now let me take you to the Charly Boy School. One, every one walks with his feet, heck! You don't walk with someone's feet; you use yours'. It's the same way with life; some people just want to sit on others shoulders. When that happens there are two possibilities: you become too heavy on the giant's shoulders. He drops you off and then your feet are so limp from not walking and you lay flat on the floor. Or you slow him down so much that you and the giant stall or snail on. This your inheritance you're so anchored on, what if it goes burst? Have you got anything within you to salvage your situation? Have you been dormant too long? Have you been driving around aimlessly in cars you can't really buy, living on vanity while your own life really has nothing to show?

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