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Blessing Moses
I can't sleep with an opposite sex who is not my lover because I wouldn't want him to abuse me. He might get aroused and start disturbing me for sex when he can't control his feeling because sex is a natural thing especially when he is sleeping very close to you. In fact, it is not advisable and I don't wish to find myself in such a situation.

Amarachi Okpara
Yes! Because I don't have anything in mind when I may decide to sleep with an opposite sex who is not my lover, if he tries anything stupid while sleeping with him on the same bed like a man he is, I will handle him the wrong way just as he wants. I believe in the saying that 'men are like cat that feeds on all rats' . Men are irritating when it comes to sex. It is only a man with the fear of God that controls himself when such a situation occurs because there are still faithful men to be proud of when you meet one who has Christ in him.

Chibuzo Eke
I can sleep with an opposite sex who is not my lover. It depends on the situation surrounding it. Maybe she needs me to accommodate her for a night because she is stranded. I don't think there is anything wrong in giving a helping hand to an opposite sex who is desperately in need. I wouldn't disturb her because it is inhuman to abuse such gesture, but if I get aroused, I will definitely control myself because it is controllable unless you want to be stupid. It is irresponsible to abuse an opportunity because you might even do it against her wish which is a sin before God. So, it is always good to have control over sex as a man.

Big Lnyks
I can sleep with an opposite sex who is not my lover on the same bed to have fun. I may even make love to her provided she is attractive. In fact, when I start with her from Genesis, she will ask me to go into her Jerusalem. So, I don't think there is anything wrong to sleep with an opposite sex who is not my lover on the same bed provided we accept to do so.

Tochi Ehereumuna
Yes! It depends on the circumstance surrounding it. Maybe I am stranded and need help and an opposite sex offers me to sleep with him on the same bed. I will just pass the night and protect myself from unnecessarily exposure to the danger of the night. But it shouldn't be an avenue for him to start asking me for sex. In fact, I pray I don't find myself in such a condition and if it happens, I pray we wouldn't sleep on the bed or the room alone because you can't guarantee what might happen next.

Anne Dim
If both of you are mature enough, why not? What if you find yourself in a difficult situation and you find help through a man. If it means sleeping on the same bed, why not? If both of you are mature enough and have the fear of God, nothing stupid would happen. It is just that some people think dirty most times; that is why it seems as if it is a difficult thing to do. I would rather sleep with him on the same bed than expose myself to danger outside.

Emem Asuquo
Circumstances can make one sleep with an opposite sex who is not your lover. However, it is very risky because the man can be funny. Remember, men are said to be animals in nature. When the urge comes, some of them can't hold themselves, and can do anything to satisfy themselves.

Mike Davidson
God will not let me fall into temptation. This is very tempting. How can you give rat a fish to keep? You know it is not possible. However, it takes a very disciplined and religious person to handle such a situation. But I believe that prevention is better than cure. If there is anything I would do to avoid it, I will do it.

Sadiq Suleiman
Why not? I can. There is no big deal about it. For me, I cannot have sex with someone I don't love. So, if there is no string attached, it would be difficult for me to start thinking towards that direction. Therefore, I can sleep and be comfortable with her.