Ibrahim B. Babangida as the 'Servant' of our People?

Source: huhuonline.com

  So with the above words I was made to understand Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida declared his intent to rule Nigeria again  17 years after he left it in ruins and tattered in 1993 after eight traumatising years he foisted on Nigerians. Babangida can rule and ruin Nigeria again in his dreams. Let us remind him that we are still around to demonstrate on the streets of  Nigerian towns and cities against his candidature.

  At Yaba College of Technology in the 1990s, our lecturer used to tell us that if Ibrahim Babangida greets you good morning, better check the position of the sun before you answer him.

  That is the level of contempt with which Babangida was held then and is held now by all the people. So will Ibrahim Babangida's place in history which he is trying to distort and re-create at all cost.

  We shall continue to place all his atrocities against the Nigerian state and the Nigerian people on the front burner and pass it on to the future generation in as much as life exist here on earth.   It is an open secret that Ibrahim Babangida's coup in August 1985 was for his personal ego to steal the Nigerian commonwealth. Eight years on before he was chased out of power by civilians, we all knew better.

  Ibrahim B. Babangida, the 'servant' of our people? Which people is Babangida talking of? Can a servant steal his master's $12.4 billion dollars and never go to jail? Can a servant build 50 bed room house with his master's stolen money while the master is in a thatched house?

  Above all can a servant really annul the collective will of 12-15 million people in just one sweep and has never shown any remorse?

  Haba IBB, you have abused our collective intelligence in the time past for eight harrowing years. We are wiser as a nation and as a people.

  What IBB has forgotten is that the trauma of  his annulment of June 12, 1993 election is still fresh in our heart. His excuse that it is only Chief MKO Abiola that deserves his apology is only adding insult to injury.

  I remember that early morning in Lagos , it was raining in Orile Iganmu but we still went out to queue to cast our votes. Men and women of all tribes and faith. We were happy and joking then that change has come at last and it was going to be farewell to poverty and bad governance. Then in one fiat General Babangida, the general of fortune annulled the collective will of 15 million Nigerians. Now he is calling himself our servant again. IBB, we are wiser now. A thief come but to steal.

  What pains me about the June 12, 1993 election annulment was the catastrophy that followed it. So many of us lost our means of livelihood due to the riot that followed. Those of us from the North living in the Lagos area then were lynched and my shop was set ablaze. Many of my colleagues were killed that our brother annulled an election and he wants to rule Nigeria forever. I believe my Igbo brothers were worst hit. At Maza-Maza bus stop that time all the buses going to the East were over booked. I remember people selling their belongings at bus stop to raise transport fare to flee the melee that was consuming everybody. Because   of the high traffic of vehicles on  bad roads there were so many accidents and so many people lost their lives. My people, with all the above scenes fresh in our hearts, Ibrahim Babangida is calling himself our servant? No way. Let us even remember that he wasted over 400 billion Naira on that failed transition programme and he eventually annulled the election. Is it a good leader that will waste that amount of his country's money and will  still kill the outcome. Let us even remember that Babangida said he annulled the election because he did not want to die for Nigeria that time. Babangida was never worth ruling Nigeria that time and he is never worth leading Nigeria even now!

  Above all let us still remember, it was Babangida that foisted  General Abacha on Nigeria . Let us still remember that all the crises rocking Nigeria from Jos to Maiduguri and to Wukari  were all and still the handiwork of IBB. As Nigerians it is up to us all. We have a clear choice to live with IBB evil forever or rubbish him to the dustbin of history for good. In his eight years of maladministration, we should all remember  that not for once had Ibrahim Babangida kept his word or promise.

  We all recall how he subjected the nation to six months of debate the report which he eventually threw away. All the politicians that were with him during his declaration were the same politicians he tricked into politics in his eight years of deceitful transition to civil rule programme. It was a transition programme where the goalpost was shifted five times during the course of the game. If Babangida could not honor his words 17 years ago, Babangida cannot honor his words now, more so that his ego has been wounded. He is openly called a thief and a liar to his face.

  As far as the history of Nigeria is concerned  and is always written.

  Retired General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida is the personification of deceit and the face of corruption. He can never be trusted not even by his children otherwise ask General Mohammadu Buhari, Commodore Ebitu Ekiwe, General Domkat Bali , General Joshua Dogonyaro, Alhaji Abubukar Tsav, General Zamani Lekwot, Professor Tam David West, General Mohammadu Magoro and many others.

  Unfortunately people like Alhaji Mohammadu Maccido , Chief MKO Abiola, General Mamman Vatsa, Major Gideon Orkar and yet again many others did not survive Babangida's onslaught to tell their own story.

Chief MKO Abiola's statement is keeps re-echoing in me and I quote him 'If you have a friend like Ibrahim Babangida , you don't need an enemy'. I rest my case.

Ndiameeh Babrik.