Abdullahi Tokoya: The Dark Horse in Lagos politics

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Lagos State is one of the progressive political hotbeds in the country. It is a state that radical and revolutionary politicians have presided over its affairs. From the time of Lateef Jakande to Ahmed Tinubu and now to Barrister Babatunde Fashola, who will be  completing his first term in office by May next year. As the country prepares for the next political dispensation, there is this man known for his political sagacity and intellectual prowess, a man who believes in the masses' welfare and progress. He is a journalist, veteran publisher, public relations practitioner, revolutionary per excellence, a role model and down-to-earth democratic humanist who is fully prepared to defeat and take over Lagos state leadership from the incumbent Governor Fashola in the next year governorship election.  

  He is Chief Abdullahi Yomi Tokoya, a well known patriot, nationalist, human rights activist, veteran revolutionary politician, a consummate philanthropist and businessman who has travelled far and wide. Abdullahi Yomi Tokoya is the Onigegewura 1 of Ikeja land, Atunluto 1 of Ojo land and Omereoha 1 of Mbutu Ukwu Ancient Kingdom of Abia State. He studied Mass Communication in the Department of Mass Communication at the University of Lagos. He later bagged Political Science at the International Students School (KOMSOMOL) Moscow, Russia (former U.S.S.R.).  

  Abdullahi Yomi Tokoya's study and business tours throughout the world deepened his revolutionary and progressive ideas, thoughts and his long life commitment to continue to render selfless services to Nigeria and humanity. He started his long time struggle from his days as student. As a principal initiator of the nation-wide students' demonstrations against the deposed Gowon's government (Gowon Must Go Campaign), Abdullahi Yomi Tokoya was the executive member and chairman of the "Revolutionary and Action Committee (RAAC) of the banned National Union of Nigerian Students between 1972 and 1973.  

  He has served as a Secretary of the All Africa Students' Union based in Accra, Ghana and during his turbulent years at the University of Lagos, he was nicknamed "Toks for the masses", Toks for the people" and Toks for the oppressed."He came back from self-exile abroad after the fall of Gowon's regime in July 1975 and he activated his public relations and exhibitions company. In the Second Republic politics, Chief Yomi Tokoya was a founding member of the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) and served briefly as Senior Research and Publicity Officer, at the party National Secretariat during the electioneering campaign of 1978 and 1979.  

  Abdullahi Yomi Tokoya however resigned the administrative appointment in positive protest against the reactionary intrigues prevalent then, at the National Secretariat of UPN. He was a one time Deputy Governorship Aspirant in Lagos State in November, 1982. He also publicly resigned his membership of the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) following the great crisis that engulfed the party after the controversial Governorship Primary Election in some UPN controlled States, which he described in the media as "fraudulent rape of democracy."He then co-founded and became the Secretary-General of the unregistered Socialist Unity Party of Nigeria, SUPN.  

  A veteran revolutionary politician and political activist, Tokoya has been detained several times by the State security Service (SSS) agents during and after his turbulent student days, because of his progressive political activities and his constant criticism of the bourgeois, corrupt and reactionary status quo. He was detained in January 2003 for four days in Abuja for distributing a political leaflet titled: "Obasanjo Must Go-2003." Between October 1990 and October 1991, he campaigned as a Governorship Aspirant in Lagos State under the platform of the Socialist Democratic Party, SDP. He was however "rigged out of the Governorship race" by the conservative and reactionary elements within the party.  

  As a result of his constant criticisms of the Sani Abacha government, Tokoya was arrested on 15 th of January 1998 inside the presidential villa, Abuja, detained and later charged for "sedition" in Jos, before the special Military Tribunal headed by Major General Victor Malu, which tried Lt. General Oladipo Diya and twenty-eight "coup suspects"  in respect of the "set up coup d'état" of 21 st December 1997 to overthrow the administration of late General Sani Abacha. He was discharged and acquitted by the Special Military tribunal on this "frame up charge" of sedition on the 28 th of April 1998 but the kleptomaniac Abacha refused to release him. He was however released on 15 th of July 1998 by the General Abubakar Abdulsalam administration from these six months of painful, illegal, unjustified and undeserved detention in Jos prison.  

  While Abdullahi Yomi Tokoya was in detention in Jos prison, he founded the "Movement for a United and Peaceful Nigeria" and the "International Organisation for the Repentance and Forgiveness of Sins." As a controversial but committed revolutionary politician, Chief Abdullahi Yomi Tokoya has made enormous sacrifices and invested considerable amount of time, energy and money in the course of his chequered revolutionary political career. Indeed, he is a committed and dedicated fighter for Social Justice in our society and a dogged defender of the oppressed, exploited and suffering people of our country and the world.  

  The fifty nine years old Chief Abdullahi Tokoya is a charismatic personality who has been listed in "who is who in Nigeria "published by Newswatch Books Limited, Lagos and also "who is who in Nigeria" published by Nigeria International Biographical Centre, Lagos. He is a foundation member of All Nigeria People's Party, ANPP and a Governorship Aspirant of the party for the Governorship race in Lagos State in April 2007. Abdullahi Yomi Tokoya is the Founder/National Co-ordinator of the "Save Nigeria Campaign Organisation". (SAVNICAO), a pressure group dedicated to the ongoing patriotic struggle to save contemporary Nigeria from social, economic and political darkness. He is a complete detribalized Nigerian.  

  As he struggle to win the hearts of Lagosians and take over Lagos State leadership in the forthcoming Governorship election, Chief Abdullahi Yomi Tokoya believes that the present Governor Babatunde Fashola is a very brilliant and intelligent politician and has recorded many achievements but he, Chief Abdullahi Yomi Tokoya believes that he can perform better in all areas of governance.than the incumbent governor. He therefore, calls on the progressive Lagosian to give him their votes so that he can further improve on the fortune of the state. According to Tokoya, when voted to power, he will have an Ibo man as his running mate and a Hausa man as the Secretary to the State Government as well as appoint all his 36 cabinet members from each of the thirty six states of the federation including Abuja.  

  Going by the principles of Chief Abdullahi Yomi Tokoya and his pedigrees, one has no doubt about his capability to take the Lagos state and her inhabitants to the Promised Land and he is sure of taking over from the ACN led administration in the progressive state. Indeed, Abdullahi Tokoya as a progressive man of impeccable charisma is the man to beat in the forthcoming Governorship election in Lagos state under All Nigeria People's Party (ANPP).  

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