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Many cell phones allow you to set an alarm or a reminder at a certain time or date. Even if you don't own one of the latest smart phones that come with killer time management applications, it is possible to use your cell phone as a time management tool (even if it's 5 years old like mine). The following cell phone tips are usable on just about any cell phone - the only features it needs to support are alarms and reminders.

Remember birthdays
If you are like me horrible with dates, you can use your cell phone as a birthday reminder. I even set up an alarm to warn me one day before the birthday. I set the event to be recurrent every year, so I don't have to bother setting it up again for the next year.

Remember deadlines
You know the kind, 'How am I going to remember that!' you tell yourself. And before you realise it, you missed it. If you have an appointment or deadline you are likely to miss, set up an alarm to remind you of the hours before it happens.

Take a medication
Remembering to take a medication every day can be a real pain, especially if you are somewhat active - never home at the same time at night and sometimes sleeping all morning, it's easy to forget. Simply set up an alarm on your cell phone to remind you to take it (especially handy when you carry your medication on you).

Know when you're available
You're receiving social invitations left and right and can't seem to figure out when you're available? Simply mark all your events in the calendar on your cell phone. You'll see right away if you're available when someone invites you to an event.

Organise your day
Respect your time budget throughout the day by setting alarms on your cell phone to warn you of different time periods. Never miss a break period again!