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All hail the new presido! Veteran movie producer and actor, Paul Obazele, has been elected the new president of the Association of Movie Producers (AMP). The mantle was given to him by the outgoing presido, Madu Chikwendu, following a free and fair election.

Meanwhile, the 'yellow-pawpaw' new president, has promised to deliver the goodies to its members and the movie industry at large.

*Just as Madu Chikwendu has handed over power to another elected president, another presido in the movie industry that is also planning a hand over ceremony soon is Ejike Asiegbu, the National President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN).

Hope Mr. Asiegbu is not planning a third term agenda like the man in Ota.

*Chei, is there nobody in the Yoruba film industry that can advise this 'Waka-pass' actress called Wule Bantu? For God's sake, she really needs a tutorial on how to dress decently and responsibly in public. Searchlight met her at a popular hang-out within the premises of LTV 8 on Sunday and guess what? She deliberately sagged her blue jeans trousers, not minding her gender. Anyway, she is in showbiz and she has the liberty to do whatever she likes. But that doesn't mean simple manner and decorum should be thrown to the winds.

Wule, ah beg, watch yourself.

*Oh, lest I forget, another Yoruba actor that should also be cautioned is Dagunro. Searchlight saw this ageing actor recently, and honestly, it was a pitiable spectacle. Apart from his bushy beard, the hair he plaited also looked greyish and 'weak'. We hope this talented actor will do something about his looks, and on time too.