Omo-Agege Is A Bigot – Delta Professionals


Chief Ovie Augustine Omo-Agege has been warned to desist from making inflammatory statements that could inflame ethnic tension in Delta State politics.

Sunny Ofili, Coordinator of Delta Professionals for Uduaghan described a statement credited to Omo-Agege in the Vanguard newspaper of September 14, 2010 in which the governorship aspirant said, “ Governor Uduaghan detested the people of the Urhobo ethnic nationality” as unfortunate and unexpected of someone who seeks to govern and represent the interest of all indigenes of the state in 2011.

“I find it very difficult to believe that Omo-Agege has to stoop this low all in a bid to get some votes. I expect him as someone who has served as a commissioner in this state in the past to understand the implication of making such divisive statement. How can any right thinking person who has a good understanding of Delta State and what this administration has done to uplift the quality of life of Deltan accuse the governor of detesting the Urhobos? He should be called to order. Someone of his temperament does not qualify to govern our diverse state. Delta State belongs to all Deltans” Ofili said

While visiting some traditional rulers in the state Omo-Agege was quoted to have said, “ As the fifth largest ethnic group in the country, the Urhobo have been reduced to fourth class citizens in the state.”

“The Governor has been boasting that a small fish has swallowed a big fish. I am not saying that it is only the Urhobo people that must govern the state at all times, but the Urhobo must have a say on who becomes the governor and how the state is governed.”

Ofili said, “The statements credited to Om-Agege are reprehensible and he must apologize to all indigenes of the state including the Urhobos, a majority of whom do not agree with Omo-Agege's ethnic bigotry. I cannot believe that we still have such narrow minded bigots as this man in our state and to make things worse he wants to govern the state? He owes us an apology.”

“If he wants to unseat Uduaghan, it's all well and good but he has to appeal to the public with armed with his program and how he intends to execute them. Appealing to ethnic sentiments and ethnic bating cannot be a part of our political discuss in 2011. We need a candidate that can unite us, not divide us. Omo-Agege is a divider if he does not disclaim these statements credited to him within twenty four hours.” Ofili concluded.