IBB panics, seeking soft way out, GSG

Source: pointblanknews.com

The recent outcry by the Director General of the IBB Campaign organization , Chief Rymond Dokpesi  on spurious allegation of threat to life has been described as  mere fea and a deliberate ploy   meant to  provide soft landing for the eventual withdrawal of the former military  dictator  from the Presidential race.

 Goodluck Support Group (GSG), the main stream   organization  supporting  President Goodluck Jonathan  for Presidency,  in a statement in Ibadan yesterday maintained that  the outburst  was an indication that the presidential aspirant  in his characteristic manner has panicked  having seen  defeat staring him  on the face.

The statement noted such inconsistency and cowardice behavious   which have become the trade mark of the annular of the best elections so far in Nigeria could only be the reason why a  veteran  campaign coordinator   working for a retired General  and former Commander in Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces  of Nigeria  to be whipping such incongruous sentiments based on unsubstantiated and unconfirmed threats by faceless people.

The Goodluck  goup recalled that the former  Military Ruler who is simply afraid of total de mystification”  had in 1994 failed to commence the publication of The Heritage Newspapers  after he had acquired the most sophisticated machines  in the world and engaged the best  of hands in the newspaper industry at that time. In spite of  huge preparations  for the publication meant to pave way for his return to the presidency after his infamous 'step aside' of  August 27, 19993,  the paper with its headquarters in Wuse Zone 3, Abuja, never saw the light of the day.

“Also after series of  postponements on the return of the country to civilian rule , General Babangida  even lost faith in God  when he disobeyed his “ In sha Allah I will hand over in 1993 “ which he never did  for reason he admitted later to be spinelessness.

“And in the present political dispensation, General Babangida  after throttling the entire country and even contacts with his foreign supporters  backed out at the last minutes in  2003 and 2007 presidential elections.

The Goodluck group, in the statement signed by the Coordinator  and Publicity of its Oyo State chapter, Mr. Dare Adeleke and Alhaji Kehinde Olaosebikan respectively. said that it was not surprised  but amused at the  tissues of lies wrapped up in unconvincing sentiments and  name calling” by the  business and media icon over what has been aptly described as baseless allegations.

It therefore called on Nigerians not to be moved or deceived by the sentiments and claims contained in the statement made by chief Dokpesi  but to  continue “ giving their total support to the true friend of democracy and a  man of peace who has shown enough capacity, educational qualification, experience and God's gift to genuinely move the country forward.  President Goodluck Jonathan  is honest, calm , cool and collected. he is the best for the country.