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By Lere Olayinka

Chief Press Secretary to Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Wale Ojo-Lanre has described the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in the State as a party of failed politicians, who abhor development and progress of the State, saying; “the party's comment on the Haemo-Dialysis Centre donated to the State University Teaching Hospital (UTH) by MTN is a demonstration of their frustration and hatred for the well-being of Ekiti people.”

Ojo-Lanre, in a statement issued in Ado-Ekiti today, said “contrary to the mischievous claim of the retrogressive elements in the ACN, Governor Segun Oni deserves commendation for the Dialysis Centre and several other projects that his government has attracted to the State.”

While challenging the ACN leaders to state how many external developmental projects they were able to attract to the state while in government for four years, the governor's spokesperson said; “It is on record that only 12 hospitals were selected out of 60 applications that were submitted. Governor Oni also wrote a personal letter to the MTN Foundation, reiterating the state government's commitment for the project.

“Subsequently, the MTN Foundation team then embarked on inspection visit to various hospital premises, including the UTH, Ado-Ekiti to verify claims made and ascertain that the applicants would indeed be able to competently host and judiciously utilise the dialysis facilities to be installed in the hospital.

“It was based on what the team saw at the UTH that Ekiti was named as one of the 12 beneficiaries of the Dialysis Centre. Interestingly, this same hospital that met the standard set by the MTN Foundation for the installation of the dialysis equipment was the one the apostles of doom in the ACN said has witnessed no improvement since Governor Oni assumed office. They even called the UTH a 'slaughter slab' at a point.

“We are therefore not amazed by their outburst on the dialysis centre because people who desire that Ekiti be perpetually held down to justify their electoral failure must belly-ache whenever they see the State progressing.

“They have been in power before and nobody took their government serious. But despite their continuous negative publications on the State, progressive minded corporate organisations and individuals have been partnering with the State Government to boost its economy and improve the people's welfare and standard of living.

“Results of this partnership abound everywhere in the State and the Dialysis Centre is just one of them. Therefore, we are not unmindful of their state of mind because we have shamed them with unprecedented execution of numerous people oriented projects.

“Today, we can beat our chest on what we have done in all sectors, especially the health sector. The Ophthalmology Centre at the UTH is the best in Nigeria and many members and supporters of the ACN have received treatment there. The hospital theatre too in a world class and that is known to the ACN people. Also, the town criers in the ACN know that there are 115 functioning Blue Hospitals in the State now and we are still not resting on our oars to provide more.”