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Date Of Birth: 16TH JANUARY, 1946

Popularly known as Papa Ajasco, Mr. Fatomilola who comes from Ido Ori, in Ekiti State, is an actor of great substance, by every standard. His choice of Theatre Arts, as a profession, may well have been influenced by the role he had to play during Ifa festivals, in support of his father who was then a chief Ifa Priest. As a way of refining the rudiments, which he acquired in those early years of his life, he decided to join the Olokun Theatre n 1967, under the late Professor Ola Rotimi at the University of Ife. This afforded him the opportunity to perform in the Western Nigeria Television (WNTV) and the Western Nigeria Broadcasting Service (WNBS).

He has featured in about 200 films which include Papa Ajasco, where acted as Papa Ajaco, Lawuwo in rere run , Afonja in Afonja and Mr. Ladego in Sekeseke. Mr. Fatomilola is also a lecturer at the University of Ife where he obtained a degree in Theatre Arts in 1978.

He admits that his most challenging task was the role played as a “dupe” in Ahon. In real life, this attribute has no place in the life of a man like Fatomilola who so much cherishes honesty and truth.

Much as he believes that the industry has made some progress, he still notes that it needs support from the Government and the backing of private investors to accelerate and sustain its growth and development.

When Papa Ajasco needs to relax after a day's hard work, he does so at palm wine centres where he gets energized. His hobbies include farming, experimenting with herbs and reflection on the mysteries of Ifa.

A Christian by Religion, Papa Ajasco is happily married with children.