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Hassanat Taiwo Akinwande, popularly known as Wunmi, has met a temporary setback in her desire to complete the job on her new movie within a reasonable time frame.

It was confirmed during the week that the actress, who missed a jail term by a whisker sometime ago, met with the authorities of the NDLEA to help her out in a few areas such as costume and location, as she made appreciable progress on her movie.

The NDLEA was not against her application. In fact, they supported her action, since they believed that she would help to fight the drug war in her own little way.

When her application was looked into, it was discovered that she did not cooperate with NDLEA officials during her travail. For example, it was discovered that she did not name her sponsors; neither did she name her destination. She was said to have simply named her sponsor as one Alhaji and nothing more.

Roll Tape tried to get in touch with Wunmi on the latest development, but all efforts proved abortive. However, a source close to the production crew of the movie she is trying to shoot said if the NDLEA refused to help out at the end of the day, she might think of a way round the problem or rework the script in order to move ahead.