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By Bigsam Media

Ushering outfit, Xqwizit Ushers are one of Nigeria's most recognisable ushers having been contracted to usher at top celebrity events around the country. With the way they exude glitz and glamour at these events, they have continued to reaffirm their place in the hearts of choice events planners.

These belles and at certain times beaux represent the event in a very visible way, and help set the tone in preparation for what is to expected , as well as assist with the smooth operation within the event.

Stunningly good looking young men and women adorned in anything from Ancient, Colonial, Asian, Royalty, Fairies/Angels, Cheerleaders, Roman, Arabian, Egyptian, 70's, 80's, Traditional and a host of other unique-costumes Xqwizit Ushers have proved that they are different from your regular ushers at events.

Knowing fully well that a major problem event organisers seek to solve is the unruliness and mediocre behaiviour of ushers Dejoke Adeogun set out to resolve this problems with her ushering outfit,Xqwizit Ushers.

Right now the one time banker Dejoke Adeogun is successfully melding ushering into entertainment as Xqwizit happens to be the toast of high society events in Nigeria.

Speaking on why she has chosen to toll this line, Adeogun said “finding ushers that are equipped with modern-day strategy to prevent the usual chaos and disorganization that can occur at events was so difficult before now, 'another ushering company', we make up a major part of your event as we add to the ambience of the event and ensure that there is a smooth flow of activities. For us managing great events is beyond a job, it is a passion, We stop at nothing to add value to an event.