Paid To Blaspheme Prophet T.B. Joshua!

By Read Us Edition 3

FROM militancy through to blasphemy to discovery, the tale of James is

intriguing and intrepid, revealing both the jealousy of men and the

justice of God…
Life was difficult for James. Growing up in the squalor of a remote

village in Bayelsa State, Nigeria, it seemed he was set to follow his

peers into a life of poverty and obscurity. But the zeal to make

something out of life, to break free from the jinx of failure burned

within James from a young age. He found that opportunity as a

rebellious teenager when he joined a group of notorious militants with

a promise of an exciting lifestyle and good money. But there was a

price. “Because of the nature of the job I was doing, I went to so

many places for charms for protection with the result that if you cut

me, it won't penetrate. If you shoot me, the bullets won't enter.” The

charms soon started back-firing for although protection was seemingly

given, spiritual attacks and terrible nightmares became the norm.

Realising he needed deliverance, James set off to look for a church

where he could be set free from the satanic chains he had

inadvertently locked himself in.
The church he eventually attended however had other motives – ulterior

motives. “The pastor prayed for me, and then asked me to wait behind

afterwards, that he wanted to see me. After some time, he asked me if

I wanted to work with them.” From militancy to the work of God? James

was shocked, but decided to accept, believing this could be the key to

a new life. “After all, there's nothing wrong in working in the house

of God,” he surmised.
The assignment for James however, was not the one normally associated

with a church or God's work. It was a dark assignment with dangerous

intent. “I did not know that he was asking me to blaspheme against the

man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua. I had never met T.B. Joshua in my

life. I'd never even seen him. I'd never even heard the name before.

So I accepted the offer as they would pay me a huge amount of money to

testify against Prophet T.B. Joshua in any of their crusades.”

Naïvely, James agreed. Little did he know that such acceptance was to

entangle his life further into a mesh of chaos and confusion,

misleading and deceiving tens of thousands in the process.

“What I was required to say is: 'T.B. Joshua is a satanic agent from

the kingdom of darkness; we belong to the same kingdom of darkness. I

am on level seven and he is on level five. He never mentions the name

Jesus Christ in his church, he only mentions Emmanuel!' I danced to

their tune because of the money involved. They took me around many

states in Nigeria and beyond to testify against the man of God. Every

crusade, a lot of people usually gathered to listen and hear me out.”

Rumours spread like wildfire as the web of deception weaved its wicked

way further throughout the country and beyond, painting Prophet T.B.

Joshua black in the eyes of people. However, the intent of the

perpetrators did not materialise as his ministry waxed stronger

despite the hail of persecution and false accusation. In the midst of

this, James decided to travel abroad to South Africa in search of

greener pastures, the money he received in the course of blasphemy

never amounting to or accounting for anything meaningful. “Getting to

my new location, I found myself doing rubbish. My life was somehow

useless. What I didn't like, that's what I saw myself doing. And all

this while the pastor never stopped inviting me back to Nigeria for

the same purpose of blackmailing Prophet T.B. Joshua each time they

staged crusades and I always obliged because of the money involved”.

Life continued in a downward spiral with various attempts at business

all ending in failure and frustration. James seemed stuck in a vicious

cycle of life, with no apparent end. “I received a lot of attacks and

lost almost everything I acquired.” Marital problems loomed and his

spiritual life was practically non-existent. “I used to go to church

to play music, sing and do everything in the church – but to give my

life to Christ was something I never contemplated because of what had

happened to me in the past. I only saw church as a game.”

But an incredible discovery was around the corner, set to transform

and reform his life and future. “After some time, my wife demanded I

install a satellite dish in our apartment to enable her and my son to

access Christian channels. I succumbed after a lot of pressure but any

time I was in the house, I preferred watching movies instead of

Christian channels. One fateful day I tuned to channel 33 where I saw

Emmanuel TV and not quite two seconds later, I saw the name, Synagogue

Church. I was interested. Not quite five minutes on, I saw the name

'Prophet TB Joshua' on the screen and realised immediately that this

must be the man I had been blaspheming.”
For the first time in his life, James saw the man he had witnessed

publicly against on countless occasions. Remorse began welling within

him as he heard the name of Jesus Christ mentioned frequently. Regret

pierced his heart as he saw the remarkable healing testimonies,

accurate prophetic messages, touching charitable activities and

challenging biblical sermons on Emmanuel TV – all in the name of Jesus

Christ. He had been deceived to deceive. “I saw and heard him

mentioning “In the name of Jesus Christ” times without number. I said,

'Ah! But the people that asked me to testify against this man said he

doesn't mention the name Jesus Christ but only Emmanuel. No! I can't

remain here. I must come down to Nigeria, confess my sins and free

myself so that my family and I can have a bright future.”

His eyes opened to the truth, James sought to right his wrongs and

embarked on a journey to The SCOAN in Lagos, Nigeria. Knowing his

public blasphemy had influenced many negatively, James believed his

public confession could influence many more positively. On December

20th 2009, standing in the arena of The Synagogue, Church Of All

Nations and speaking live on Emmanuel TV, James shared his experience

to a rapt audience. Prophet T.B. Joshua publicly forgave him, prayed

for him and delivered him in the name of Jesus and 16 years of false

testimony and profanity finally came to an end.
SOURCE: Read Us Edition 3