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By NBF News

In a petition to the Gombe INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner dated August 22, 2010, ACN alleged that the by-election was marred by incidents of ballot-snatching and intimidation of voters by agents of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

The petition signed by one Haruna Luka on behalf of the party claimed that electoral malpractices took place at Kaltungo, Shongom, Balanga and Biliri local councils, adding that, 'This wanton irregularity has ultimately affected the outcome of the result in favour of the unpopular PDP candidate with particular reference to Gombe South.'

The petition alleged that in Kaltungo East, election materials were snatched by PDP agents in Okrah B, Papandi, Kije, Pochi and Kaleh Purmai wards.

The party alleged that in Biliri local council, Dadiy, Mona, Bule Kaltin, Jessu-Nyuwar and Gwandun wards were not free from electoral malpractices, as ACN agents were denied access to the result sheet in Gwandun ward, while children were allowed to vote in Boh ward.

The party accused PDP agents of manipulating the elections, as they deployed resources to ensure such malpractices were perpetrated in the homes of PDP politicians, and in wards where there was a poor turnout, figures were cooked up in favour of the PDP candidates.

Violence, according to the petition, also featured in Bomba, Cham, Talasse, Gelengu and Dala-Waja where the ACN candidate, Barrister Achana Gaius, enjoys support.