University of Derby Extends Its Reach to Greece

By Joanna Colburn

The University of Derbyhas extended its worldwide presence after approving the MediterraneanCollege in Greece as a new overseas partner.

The Mediterranean Collegeis a private higher education organisation with two campuses in Greece; one in Athens, and the other in Thessalonikiin the north of the country.

Earlier this year a team from Derby travelled to Athensto meet staff and students at the College and to conduct the Institutional Quality Approval, and in July, staff from the MediterraneanCollege made a return visit to Derby to celebrate the approval and to forge working links with their new academic colleagues.

Work is now underway to finalise details of the Universityof Derby programmes that the college will deliver to students attending classes in Greece; but will include courses in Business and Management, Computing and Psychology.

Aileen Hammersley, Director for the School of Flexible and Partnership Learning at the University said: “We're delighted to announce the Mediterranean Collegeas our latest overseas partner. Through our collaborative relationships with overseas colleges and universities we give many people around the world the opportunity to study flexibly to a very high standard, and ultimately to achieve qualifications accredited by the University.

“We also look forward to joint scholarly activity between academics at the Mediterranean Collegeand Derby.”

The University's other overseas partners include BotswanaAccountancy College, the Swiss Hotel ManagementSchool in Switzerland, and the Malawi Institute of Management. For more information visit