Nick thinks his latest movie is a 'wonderful event'
Nick thinks his latest movie is a 'wonderful event'
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Nick Moran has admitted that he has full faith in his latest film, The Amazing Grace - and thinks critics would be crazy to find anything negative about it.

The Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels star plays the role of British slave trader John Newton who voyages to West Africa in 1748 and ends up writing the world famous hymn, Amazing Grace.

"I think this film is such a wonderful event," he says. "From the Third World has come a film that has cost one per cent or half a per cent of a typical blockbuster film. It's a true, Christian story that is told without any avarice or anyone trying to make money and do anything other than entertain people and put a smile on someone's face."

The film - which gets its UK release on Monday July 16 - is directed by Nigerian filmmaker Jeta Amata - who is a good friend of the British actor.

"It's amazing that two guys from different hemispheres - one spoilt Westerner who ponces around Soho and a filmmaker from Nollywood in Nigeria - made this Western style movie that has been to Cannes and Hollywood," Nick said.

"It will improve the perception of the country - something has come out of it that isn't war and isn't death.

"It is cynic proof. You would have to be a deeply, deeply bitter person to sit around and think of anything that isn't uplifting and positive about it."